News Ticker

Just a way to share news to a kickball league of over 900 people.

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Hi @user2912!

Glad to tell you that we have News widget in our Coming soon project. So, we do have plans to consider such an app in our future updates.

Thanks a bunch for sharing your suggestion with us and welcome to Elfsight Community :heart:

By the way, if any other ideas come up, you are very welcome to share :wink:


Hi, how is it going with the news-widget?


Hi @Jenny_Galow, happy to see you in our community, welcome!

I’m afraid the News widget is not on our roadmap yet, since we’re working on other apps at the moment :frowning:

But it would be super useful if you shared how you envision such a widget and described your use case a bit:

  • What tasks would this widget help you accomplish?

  • What specific features would you like to see in this widget?

  • Any other details you’d want to share?

Your insights would be incredibly helpful for us to understand your needs better before we begin work on the widget :slight_smile:

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Hello friends!

I’m coming with a very important question concerning the whole widget development. I really hope you’ll help us in this regard :blush:

While thinking over Blog widget development, we realized that this request for the News Ticker widget might be covered with the Blog widget as well. Hence, the question:

What is your use case specifically, and what would you like the News Ticker widget to help you with?

We have a feeling that we could develop these widgets simultaneously. Thank you! :raised_hands:t2:

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Any update on this?


Hi @Iyashi_Digital, happy to welcome you!

Currently, we’re trying to figure out what exactly you expect this widget to be :slight_smile:

Could you please describe your idea and tell me what the News Ticker widget would help you with? Thank you in advance!

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