Press Page

I’d like to request a Press Page. Basically a variation on the Review pages, but a place to collect news articles that mention your company, with titles and links to each.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, @user2638, and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :tada:

Do you think our coming soon Blog widget could be a solution for your use case?

Hi @Helga , Thank you for the suggestion. I think the blog widget presents more information than we need. We have many press articles to link, so we’re imagining something that simply shows: headline, date, and logo. And links to the article. It would need to be compact, so that you can see there are many to choose from. Do you think there’s anything that could work like that in your existing widgets? Thanks.

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@user2638 many thanks for the details, and my apologies for the delay :pray:t2:

You know, I guess the only widget that could help you here is our RSS Feed one - you can add articles in .xml format and customize the look and feel. Just in case, here’s an article on how to set the right format for your articles: The format of your RSS feed file

Please let me know if you have other questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with :slight_smile: