[NEW WIDGET]: Make your website even greater with a new Website Translator 🚀

Hey folks, get ready to break down those language barrier walls!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Website Translator app – your key to making your website’s content accessible to a global audience :earth_americas:

Website Translator: What is it?

This app makes your website multilingual in just a few clicks. With its user-friendly interface, visitors can translate your content into 133 languages.

Moreover, it ensures seamless communication with people from around the world, making your site more inclusive and globally friendly.

Feel free to give it a whirl through an interactive online demo :raised_hands:

The list of key features

  • Instant automatic website translation

  • Google AI-powered translation

  • Supports 133 languages

  • Remembers user language preference

  • Customizable widget design

  • And more!

Guys, have you tested the widget? What’s your take on it? Don’t hold back from sharing your feedback and suggestions – we are all ears :wink:


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Looks super cool!


Great! Thanks a ton for the feedback @Hugh :+1:

awesome!!! Was waiting for this.

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Thank you so much, @Raymond1! :heart_eyes:
We’ll be happy to hear your feedback once you’ve tested the widget out as well!