NEW WIDGET is here: Take a seat, cuz it’s a LinkedIn Feed! 🔥

We know, right! We really hope you’re as excited as we are, since a LinkedIn Feed widget was the top request in our Wishlist for months! (OK, for years, alas) :rocket:

LinkedIn Feed: What is it?

LinkedIn has become a real go-to tool in a great deal of business occasions, be that professional networking, job searching, business discussions, and much more.

Keep your customers in the loop with your professional activities, latest updates, and other engaging info about your company’s journey.

Wait no longer and test the widget in our online demo!

The list of key features

  • LinkedIn company page link support

  • All types of LinkedIn content: blog posts, images, videos, etc.

  • Intuitive interface for setting up layouts and post styles

  • Easy customization of color schemes and widget elements to emphasize your brand identity

  • Dynamic popup mode for grabbing people’s attention to your LinkedIn content

  • and more!

Have you tested our LinkedIn Feed already? What use case are you going to showcase? We can’t wait to hear your feedback! :star_struck:

When will it be availbale from our worlspace?


Will you be able to do the same widget but to follow people and not company? It’s more important to be able to display people’s post from company

Hi Helga
Great, finally
I don’t see LinkedIn in your Social Feed Widget
Is LinkedIn only available as Stand-Alone Widget ?
Thanks for you reply

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@The_Algar thank you for your comments! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the LinkedIn Feed is available only on the new dashboard. We are currently transitioning our customers to this new dashboard, but we can manually transfer your account ahead of schedule. Please let me know if you’d love us to do so :slight_smile:

At the moment only company links are supported, but you’re welcome to leave your feature request in our Wishlist: LinkedIn Feed - Elfsight Community.

Many thanks for your help!

@user3154 welcome to the community and thank you for your comment!

Yes, for the moment it’s a stand-alone widget, but we do have plans to implement it into our Social Feed widget some time later :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to vote for this request to get a notification upon its release: Linkedin Integration

How did you find our LinkedIn Feed widget in general? I’m really curious to know :star_struck:

Hi Helga,
what does it means to transition to the new dashboard?
Are they any supplementary costs included?

if no additional costs are incurred, please transfer my account to the new dashboard earlier than planned.

Looking forward to your feedback
Best regards

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Hi Helga
I find the LinkedIn Widget Great and all others to, I have waited a long time for this because I like the concept for the design.
What have I to book, if I want actualy (or later) use the LinkedIn and Facebook Business in one Wall ?
In an other case Facebook & Instagram.
… in the next 7 hours

Thank you for your comment, @user3154, I’m happy that you loved the concept!

I see that our Social Feed widget would be just a thing for you, since it supports both Facebook and Instagram sources. We haven’t integrated LinkedIn there yet, but we’re planning to :slight_smile:

By the way, you can vote for this request to get notified upon the release: Linkedin Integration

At the moment you need two widgets to support your use case (Social Feed and LinkedIn Feed).

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Hello Helga!

can you update mine dashboard too? I want to use Linkedin Feed now. :pray:

Waiting for ur feedback.
Best regards

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Hi @OKAN_KUCUK, happy to welcome you to our community!

Awesome, please contact our Support Team, they will be happy to transfer your account to the new dashboard :slight_smile:

We’ll be happy to know your feedback on LinkedIn Feed, so feel free to share with the community!

Can I get access to the new dashboard? It was sent to other people who haven’t signed up but not rolled out to paying members first.

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@Patricia totally understand your point!

Unfortunately, we had to play it safe to make sure that everything works without a hitch, that’s why we started with a simplier step.

However, we’re very happy to transfer your accounts to the new dashboard out of turn - please contact our Support Team, they will be delighted to assist :slight_smile:

Can you please upgrade my dashboard? I need this also asap :slight_smile:

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@Lars absolutely! Just contact our Support Team, they will assist you right away!

P.S. my colleagues on the support team are better equipped to help you with this, that’s why I direct you there :slight_smile:

I can test this new widget but it’s not listed in my Dashboard and I can’t save it via the demo-mode… what’s going wrong? Could you assists or send me any advice to solve it? greetings from duesseldorf

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@Michael_Koster happy to welcome you to the community!

I see that you’re currently our old-dashboard user where the LinkedIn Feed is not available, hence this issue. But worry not, it can be easily resolved by moving your account to the new dashboard :slight_smile:

I’ve also found your support ticket, so my colleagues from the Support Team will get back to you anytime soon and assist with this.

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ThanXs for your prompt reply. There is a new Dashboard - happy to hear that :wink: It will be perfect for me if it’s possible to switch it over. Best regards Michael

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