Can't find widget Linkedin Feed

Hi, i want use the Linkedin Feed apps but i can’t find this on the list of apps,

It’s not supported anymore ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @user3600, happy to welcome you to our community forum!

No-no, LinkedIn Feed is safe and sound, the reason why you don’t see it is that it’s available only on our new dashboard.

Right now we’re transferring our customers to the new dashboard, but we can transfer your account out of turn :slight_smile:

If you’d like us to transfer your account, please contact our Support Team, they’ll be happy to arrange it for you!

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Thanks for you’re replay, i will contact support team

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Can you do this for me too? I am supposed to install this today!

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@Nerds_That_Care Absolutley! Just contact our Support Team, they’ll be happy to assist :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga,

I need to use the LinkedIn feed for 1 of my legacy clients. Can I please get access to the new dashboard as well?

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Hi @Jesse_Shauffer and welcome to Community :rocket:

Sure, your request is now in the capable hands of our devs. I’ll get back to you once your account is transferred :wink:

Awesome thank you!

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@Jesse_Shauffer glad to tell you that we successfully moved your account to the new Dashboard.

Here’s a new link that you need to use in order to log into your Elfsight account with the previous credentials -

In addition, here’s an article that will help you figure out and navigate the new Dashboard - Dashboard 3.0 - Introducting Main Changes.

Could you please log in and let me know if you see the changes?