LinkedIn Feed - Request

Similar to “Facebook Feed”, “Twitter” and other social media feed request. I would love to see a “LinkedIn Feed” Widget.



Thank you for leaving this request!

Yes, I agree that this widget is extremely needed and desired, and we’re really sorry that we’re still having technical issues with its development.

We’re doing our best to overcome all the obstacles and make it happen!

I’ll keep you in the loop here :raised_hands:t2:


Agree, we really need this!


When can we expect to have a linkedin feed?


@Marie-Amelie I’m really sorry but I’m afraid we still don’t have an ETA for this app :frowning:

The difficulties we came across appeared to be more complicated than we had expected, and we’re still struggling with a couple of technical nuisances.

I’m truly sorry for such a disappointing update :frowning:

But I do believe we will make it since we fully understand what a great potential such an app would have.


LinkedIn Feed would be great


And we don’t lose hopes to make it!

Thank you for your comment, @Anja, and welcome to the Elfsight community! :slight_smile:


Need widget for LinkedIn. As its more essential


I totally agree, @Neha!

I’m really sorry that the obstacles we encountered slowed down the process that significantly :frowning:

But we’re not going to give on this app, and we keep searching for possible solutions :pray:t2:


Hey, can you ad LinkedIn to the social feed apps or create a LinkedIn feed app? Thx


Hi @user1687, welcome to the Elfsight community, and thanks a lot for your idea :slight_smile:

Yes, LinkedIn Feed is something we’ve been trying to release for quite a while, but a couple of obstacles still don’t let us make it. We do hope that we’ll manage to do so though.

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted in this thread.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


Hello, any update on when this feed will be released?


@user1738 I’m truly sorry that it takes that much time to release LinkedIn Feed :frowning:

The latest update is that the devs are trying to figure out the next steps regarding the solution to the technical issue we had to encounter. I’ll make sure to keep you updated here :pray:t2:

Thank you for your patience!

Hi Helga,

Is there an ETA for this development?

I’ve had a look online and there are number of similar organisations that already have this as part of their plugins.

Many thanks


@Andrew_C thanks a lot for your comment!

I’m afraid we don’t know the way other companies made it in their cases, but I hope we’ll find a way for the obstacle we faced as well.

I guess I’ll have more news next week, I’ll keep you in the loop :slight_smile:

Hi Helga, I found this webpage online advertising an Elfsight Linkedin feed but can’t find out how to implement it once logged in. Can you help?

Is this live and working? Thanks,

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Hi @user1954!

Yes, we do have a page for the LinkedIn Feed app, but this is a Coming Soon category, where we show the apps that will be released in the future, that’s why they are not available for the time being.

We’re working on this very app, and I guess I’ll have good news to share very soon :slight_smile:

Yes we are really need this


Hi, I really need this app too and am about to purchase one from another provider but want to use Elfsight really. Can you give us any timeline for when it may be released. Are we talking a few days or a week or months?
Thank you

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@Sarah3 thanks a lot for your comment and for your interest!

Mush as I’d love to share inspiring news, I’m afraid we were not a success with our latest idea :frowning:

We keep searching further, but at the moment we can’t offer any ETA for this request, I’m really sorry about this :frowning:

I assure you that we’re doing everything possible in this regard, as the LinkedIn Feed is our very desired future app as well.