Community Friday Digest: What's Up?

Guys, today we’ve cooked up something special for you :cook:

Our forum is gathering pace, and we thought it would be a nice idea to make a brisk recap of the most captivating topics and news!

Let’s see what we’ve got:

Your Website Feedback

In this category, you are very welcome to share a link to your website and get insightful feedback from our tech wizard @tuanphan.

By the way, you can check the first recommendations in this topic!

Helpful Tips

In this section, everyone has a chance to share their pieces of wisdom or any advice that might be helpful for others! :bulb:

These are some topics that we’ve decided to highlight this time:

Wishlist: In Progress

This category speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Anyways, these are the widgets that are on the verge of being released! To spill the beans, it’s a matter of a couple of weeks :star_struck:

:zap: LinkedIn Feed widget

:zap: Sales Notification widget

Our Most Active Participants :trophy:

@Hugh is always coming up with really thought-provoking questions and lends a hand to others. Moreover, he’s been with us since day one of the Community Forum.

@Giorgos often shares his ideas in our Wishlist, thereby making a huge contribution to the development of our service.

@Trainerw is our lovely Contributor of the Month, a very welcoming member who is eager to meet new members and make their journey smoother :slight_smile:

@tuanphan is our go-to tech crackerjack and a true altruist.

@Dirk, your insights and thoughts are always welcome in our community, many thanks for sharing them with us!

Guys, your active participation, insightful perspectives and helpful feedback are greatly appreciated :heart:

Folks, what do you think about this rubric? Would you follow it from time to time? :slight_smile: