Please have a look at my website

please review


Hey, thanks for your comment @user3065!

I hope @tuanphan can check your website out and give you some tips any time soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @user3065 ,
I see the site has some small problems. I see you are using WordPress + Avada Theme, I guess you can solve some problems with theme options, for problems you can’t solve, just comment below, i will provide the code.
#1. (Mobile) When scroll down, burger too close to the top

#2. (Mobile) Similar with these text

#3. (Mobile) I think these spaces would be better if they were equal

#4. (Mobile – Footer) Do you need to reduce this space?

#5. (Mobile – Contact Us) Do you need to make this fullwidth?

#6. (Mobile – Contact Us) Do you need to increase Email width & Reduce this field width?