Forms Issue

How long were the forms down for? A week?? Was this for everyone? Do we need to go into all our csv files to try to figure out what emails never went out? This is a huge issue.

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Hello @Hugh :wave:

Firstly, I’d like to bring our deepest apologies for all the frustration caused!

I have to explain that on October 2, Cloudflare unexpectedly and without any warning blocked our workers-related routes, resulting in all Elfsight widgets being down for a couple of hours.

After that, all the widgets started working again, except for the ones that were installed in iframes or via Share link option (available only on a new dashboard). This issue lasted for about a week, but now, it is completely resolved.

Thus, if your widgets weren’t installed in iframe, they weren’t displayed on the websites for a couple of hours.

We completely understand your feelings and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this situation on behalf of the entire team. Your trust in us is greatly appreciated!

I hope this explains things.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or any assistance is needed.

This is another problem I have with this situation - I’m the one that noticed my forms weren’t working. I didn’t receive any notification of outage. Did anyone else? When I noticed they weren’t working I immediately went into solve the problem mode. After all, without getting any notification from Elfsight how would I know how long this issue had been going on? I contacted support immediately and then went about trying to fix the problem which I was able to do by reinstalling the code. Elfsight should 1. notify customers and 2. have a service status page like web hosts do so users can check if there is an issue and how long its been going on for.

FYI also the issue with support email cc’d on my contact form is not resolved. As of right now

Hi Kelly, you’re right about the status page or any other means of letting you know about any issues our service might experience. We have such a request in our Wishlist, you might want to vote for it to subscribe for the updates: Status Page.

To be honest, it has been the first time when we experienced such a long and serious issue, that took so much time to resolve, but it seems we really need to reconsider our particular workflows. I do hope that we won’t encounter a situation like this again, but still we’ll try to work out a solution just in case — it seems you cannot rely only on yourself any longer.

Kelly, I’m truly sorry about this irritating nuisance with your form widget. I confirm that although Marina did remove her email, it still remained there due to a temporary glitch in the widget’s config. Our devs have double-checked things, and this issue is now completely resolved. There are no extra emails in your widgets.

Once again, I’m so sorry for this unfortunate situation and the ripple effect it caused. I do hope everything is back to normal now, but we’re always here for you if any kind of help is needed.

Thank you so much for sticking with us!

Just a thought to consider. Most of the amazing elfsight apps are not essential. When a Facebook feed does not load it is merely sad. But contact forms are mission critical, in that vital leads can be missed if a form is not delivered. I recommend the dev team analyze which of other the apps are also “mission critical” and prioritize some sort of communication to the subscribers who utilize those apps when an issue occurs.

That’s an awesome point, Hugh, many thanks! I’ve already shared it with the team for deeper consideration :+1:t2:

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