Forms Not working

I’m aware that the team is on it, however this also has affected the google sheets integration. Thankfully, you guys have backed me up using your own server download excel file from the dashboard. I hope this issue gets fixed soon and i really hope it does not happen again. My Client gets mailing forms on a daily basis and this is not good for him. Thank you and keep up the good work team!


I just tested one of my forms and I quickly received the email.


Now is not working anymore, please check and fix this issues
due this is very important to us, so our customer can send inquiry via contact form
if like this, this make our business not good, I pay expensive for this, but this we got, this is second problem

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  • Issue description:
    Contact form doesnt working again, this is the second time happen like this
    data input in contact form doesnt send to email, why like this, this contact form is very important
    please fix this issues

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

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Dear folks, thank you for your comments and for the heads-up!

@Lesan, @Hugh my apologies for such a long wait, it seems we have overlooked this thread for some reason, I’m so sorry :sweat:

Unfortunately, one of our Forms widgets was under DDoS attack that partly affected the functionality of the Forms widgets. This has led to the emails not coming through in time and information not registering in Google Sheets.

The good news is that our developers were able to neutralize the issue and block the offending widget, so you should receive all the submissions that were sent through your forms during the downtime. However, please note that it might take some time for the emails to start coming through.

I do believe your widgets are back to normal now, but I’ll be very happy to assist you here if anything still goes wrong.

We are terribly sorry for all the trouble :pray:t2:

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Hello guys, thank you for your patience!

I’m happy to say that the issue is fixed, so all the widgets should be working fine now.

Could you please check and let me know the result?

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  • Issue description:
    Contact forms are still not working correctly. We were told the issue was fixed but we still haven’t seen any form submissions come through for either of our websites in a timely manner. If they do, it’s about 24 hours later or more until we receive an email.

We are downloading the .csv files every hour to make up for the problematic forms but we would like to see this fixed asap.

Thank you.


@Neill I see that my colleague Irene got back to you in your support ticket and provided a solution.

I really hope everything’s fine on your end now, and we’ll try our best to keep our widgets in order :pray:t2:

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is happen now again 13th Dec 2022
data doesnt send to email
can you fix this issues
is already 3 x (including now) the problem


@Wayan, we’re extremely sorry that this is happening again!

I’ve already escalated the issue to our dev team, and they’re searching for the solution as we speak. I’ll keep you in the loop here.

Thank you for the heads-up, and please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused :worried:

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  • Issue description:
    Data Contact Form doesn’t send to email
    in contact form was successfully submit
    but the result doesn’t send to email

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

can you fix quickly, due this really important
so the customer can send us inquiry from contact form
if keep like this not fix, is not good for business

We’re working on this issue this very moment, and I do believe the fix is going to be ready shortly.

We’re so very sorry for this incident :pray:t2:

Hi @Wayan, thank you for your patience!

Does this issue still persist on your end, please?

the problem start again today (29th March 2023), can you fix it please
the data not send to email after submit

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Hi @Wayan!

Our Contact Form app had been experiencing temporary difficulties indeed. I totally understand how you feel and I am terribly sorry about this frustrating situation :pensive:

Our devs fixed the issue, so everything should be working fine now. All missing submissions will be successfully delivered in a few hours.

Please check your widget and let me know how it works now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

I have the same problem today (12th march 2024). Can you fix it ? There are no email notification after submit.


Hi there and welcome to the Community @Clementine_Hugon :wave:

I deeply apologize about the inconvenience!

I see that my colleague Serj is already working on your request. He has forwarded it to our devs and will keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Clementine_Hugon We’ve double-checked your widget and found that you’ve added mail tags ([nom-prénom] | Tél : [numéro-de-téléphone] | [email]) to the Sender field, which prevented the submissions from being delivered.

We’ve moved these tags to the Message field and now everything is working fine:


Could you please check your widget and let me know how it works?

As for the mail tags in the Sender field, we already have such a request in the Wishlist, and you can keep an eye on it in this thread - Sender Name to replace field [field-id] values

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Everything is working now, Thank you !!!