I could sure use some help here!

Email Results not being received in my email or email boxes of our clients.

[* Link to the page with the widget in question:]

I’ve left multiple emails, messages, chat messages, etc., but haven’t heard back from Elfsight. Does anyone have any ideas why we are not receiving results from forms that are being sent?

This is affecting more than one form on multiple websites!

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Hi @user265 and welcome to Community :wave:

I am really sorry about all the inconvenience caused!

I see that my colleague Irene has already contacted you. As Irene mentioned, we’ve checked your widget, but the issue wasn’t displayed on our side. So, Irene passed on your request to our devs and she’ll keep you updated.

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NO – I don’t see any communications from any named Irene!

Please update us – what is the status, why are we having this issue. And, most importantly, what can I tell our clients about what to expect?

What makes you think Irene replied? I don’t see anything on my end where anyone has replied yet, except you.


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@user265 Please accept my sincere apologies for all the frustration caused!

However, I can confirm that Irene replied to your request:

Please check your inbox. In case you couldn’t find the message, please check Spam folder.

I and Irene checked your widget and there is no issue on our side. Here is an example of the submission that I got:

Irene has forwarded your request to our devs and they’ll do all their best to find the reason for the issue as soon as possible.

Also, you’ve mentioned in a support ticket, that some submissions are missing data in csv files. Please send the csv file to Irene, so that we could check it as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

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I do not have Irene’s email address. Could you please send it to me?
Although your test may have worked in your office, my client and I are not receiving any email form results from the forms on Brookhaven-Springdale.com. For the service request ,contact, and check availability forms.
I don’t have access to the csv file at the moment as I am traveling. I created a new service request form yesterday and put it in the website but that did not fix the issue. Please keep me updated I need to get this corrected asap.

Thank you for your help.

Robert Schwab
E-Stream Systems, Inc.
(888) 256-1144 Ofc.
(817) 975-7799 Cell


Hi @user265

Please accept my deepest apologies for the delayed reply!

Our devs have investigated your case and there is no issue on our side. All the submissions should be delivered:

Please check your Spam folder.

In case you still couldn’t find the submissions, please contact your email provider.


Unfortunately, it is not working. I have my email on many of the forms. I haven’t received one since I was notified of the issue by clients of ours. This has been for several days!

I haven’t received any of the replies (in North Texas). I have many clients in Little Rock Arkansas, who haven’t received any and then clients on the Coast of Texas who haven’t received any of the submissions.

Please escalate this issue as it is continuing to affect many of our clients.


@user265 I totally understand your feelings and would feel the same if that happened to me. I am so sorry :pensive:

However, I have to say that our devs checked everything and everything is fine on our side. You can see it in the screenshots from my previous message.

Most likely, there is a local issue on your side. You should try to contact your email provider.

Max / Michael,

Max - I’m looping Michael Roder (our account rep at GoDaddy) on this email.


While the forms appear to work normally and do send the user back to a “Thank You” page, none of the results are being received by our clients or by us (where we have included ourselves on the CC or primary contact).

Max – I know you said you’re receiving results – unfortunately, apparently, nobody else is! So, while you say there is no issue….there certainly is, if nobody is getting the results!

Michael – is it possible that NO GODADDY CLIENTS WOULD RECEIVE the results? We’ve tried two separate accounts – several clients within those accounts, and nobody is receiving the results in our tests!

Max – did you escalate this yesterday when I emailed you back? What was discovered? Michael, I think you said you were going to look into this as well. Any discoveries?

We will have some serious issues with hundreds of clients if this is not resolved quickly.

Please advise.


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I forgot – this was originally brought to our attention by the client below – although other clients are experiencing the same issues:



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Hi @user265

We totally realize that this may have caused a considerable inconvenience to you and your visitors, and we cannot apologize enough for all the frustration caused.

We’ll do all our best to find the reason for the issue as soon as possible. Firstly, please let me explain to you everything in more detail.

As I’ve previously mentioned, our dev team have investigated this case and couldn’t reproduce the issue. We’ve checked it from different emails and everything worked fine.

Also, we’ve tried to contact you via support, but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach out to you. Usually, if you don’t receive emails from use at all, including submissions and emails from support, it might be possible that our domain is either blocked or marked as Spam on your provider’s side.

However, you’ve mentioned that the same issue occurs to many other clients. Could you please send us links to another websites affected by this issue? It would help us a lot.

As soon as I receive this info, I’ll immediately forward it to our dev team.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Again, I’m adding our GoDaddy Rep to this thread.

Other sites we’ve noticed (just this morning) are below. We just added the email on Commander Heights this morning – it’s a brand new domain on one GoDaddy account.

On Gala at Oakcrest, that domain is on a completely different GoDaddy server and account. We tested those forms this morning and we received NO RESPONSE on that one either. The form, once filled out and submitted, does take the user to the “Thank You” page but no results are received.



Please advise.


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Thanks a lot!

I’ve passed on your request to our developers. I’ll keep you posted on any updates.


I’m not sure you understand – we have hundreds of clients with hundreds of different email providers – we do not handle or manage their email - it is the same issue!

So, what you are trying to tell me is that this is an issue that hundreds of email providers are all having at the same time? That is impossible!

You mentioned you were going to escalate this. Has it been escalated?

It seems to me the problem is that email being sent out (outbound from Elfsight) is not getting out of the “Elfsight Platform”. Otherwise, we would be receiving emails and our clients would be receiving email!

Michael – any insight here?


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@user265 I am sorry about all the confusion!

Yes, I do understand that you have a lot of clients with different email providers, and I’ve informed our dev team about it.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive any updates!


We keep running into issues lately – here is another one.

Please see the excerpt below from an email we received over the weekend. We had the same problem a couple of months ago and Elfsight finally fixed the issue so when users click “REPLY”, it goes back to the recipient – not to Elfsight Forms

“Can you get someone to check the website. In the past when we received a notification and replied to it, it replied back to the person requesting information. Now if we hit reply it is replying back to notifications@elfsightmail.com

Please advise and confirm once this has been resolved.


On the issue we were emailing you about earlier this month – where the form results are not being received by users – it turns out, Microsoft Defender is blocking your emails and sending them to “Quarantine”. This is a major issue as most of our clients do not have “Admin Credentials” and can’t log into Office 365 to release the emails in quarantine. Can Elfsight do anything to resolve this issue???



Hi @user265 :wave:

Thank you for waiting and bringing the info about Microsoft Defender to our attention!

Our devs are already working on it and, hopefully, the issue will be fixed by the end of the week.

As for the reply issue, please send me a direct link to the webpage where the widget is installed.

I’ll be happy to investigate it for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Below are the links to the pages containing the email links. Our client, when clicking reply, it goes back to “notiffications……” vs. the person who sent the form.

I’m concerned this may be the case with more websites than just this one!



Please advise.


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Thank you!

I’ve informed our devs about the issue. I’ll get back to you once I receive any news.

We’ve checked the widget and the issue isn’t displayed on our end.

Could you please send us a file with the example of the submission received by your client?