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Folks, this thread is for you to post your stories, advice and other pieces of inspiration you’d love to share!

Have fun, and best of luck to you all! :heart:


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During the pandemic, I finally started my own site to get off of FB and bring my content to more users. I needed a simple solution so I could make updates myself, anytime and anywhere in the world.
My website designer suggested Elfsight calendar and then I was hooked and didn’t want to try out other widgets. It is a great solution for me and also customizable.


The biggest challenge in any business is to make your potential clients see the value in what you’re offering. Budget is a made up number and is irrelevant as long as the value proposition is there. This mentality has brought my marketing company, Mr. Website Designer, to a new level and has helped to separate us from majority of the ‘budget’ web design companies.


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you need consistency to become successful just stay focused and you will earn lot of money


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Hey everyone, my name is Carmia and I’m a graphic designer and business owner from South Africa.

My advice for anyone creating their own website or sales pages:

  1. Start with a professional, pre-made template to save time and frustration
  2. Use a maximum of 3 fonts on your website. If you don’t know which fonts work together, stick to only one sans-serif font like Montserrat, Raleway, Roboto, or Open Sans.
  3. Use a colour tool like Adobe Colors to choose a colour scheme for your site.
  4. When creating your own logo, the simpler the better. There are also pre-made logo templates you can use to create a professional logo.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


You know how exciting it is to begin your first business? I’m 22 & launched mine when the pandemic first began because it affected me & my family negatively & I wanted to make a positive difference in the world! I’ve overcome some trials & errors & some advice I’d have to say is:

Find your motivation & embrace it fully. Dedication is your most important trait. Success is determined individually. & if you’re having fun, it will lighten all of your work load.

I have to say. I must be doing what I love, & I’m lucky for that. The pandemic has effected a lot of us negatively, but for what it’s worth. I hope you’re doing what you love. Even in the darkest times, I was shown a light.


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Hello everyone, Eva from Boston here! :slightly_smiling_face::raising_hand_woman:t2:

I absolutely love Elfsight widgets. When I launched my website on the Squarespace platform for my project (about hearing impairment and inclusion), I was seeking a go-to-app that offers minimalistic yet functional and sleek options. I wanted to integrate various features like a calendar, a team member section, and highlight my media presence. Elfsight got it covered. The website looks professional and easy to follow.

I’m really excited to implement other features and make the topic of inclusion modern, refreshing and exciting!

Have a wonderful day!

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Guys, thanks a lot once again for taking part! It was a pleasure to read your posts and insights you generously shared here :slight_smile:

I’m closing this thread so to officially finish the event.

Just in case, here’s the post with the results: Contest Winners Announcement + Bonus!

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