Advice from a web designer

My wife and I have been making websites via our family web design company since 2006. After completing well over $1,000,000 of websites, I would be happy to share a few words of encouragement:

  • Any decent website is better than no website.
  • Wix, Weebly and Squarespace ads make it seem like anyone can created a fantastic website in a few hours. There may be a few people who can do this, and it can’t hurt to try, but don’t be surprised if you get really frustrated and end up needing to hire a professional.
  • Lots of clients come to us after being really frustrated with another designer, primarily never finishing or disappearing when updates are needed. If you do decide to hire a professional, do your due diligence first. Look carefully at their portfolio, and actually talk to some of their clients.

I hope this is helpful!


Hi @Hugh

I could not let your useful post be buried in our Contest thread, so I’ve placed it as a separate one in our Inspiration category. I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to change the title if you feel like doing so, and thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us!

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