Would Appreciate Feedback on these 2 sites

Hey there! Here’s the link to my website: MattAitchison.com and PlayparkLodge.com

Feedback welcomed.

I am aware some things still require fine tuning or page rebuilds for some redirects. Overall would love some feedback on the overall progress and what you would do differently and why? I am BIG about viewers psychology.

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@user3464 welcome to the community, so happy to have you with us! :slight_smile:

You know, I’m not a designer, but in my book both websites look awesome, especially the first one - so dynamic and stylish!

But I guess @tuanphan can check them from the tech perspective and maybe provide some insights :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I appreciate your feedback :heart_hands:

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Sorry for delay. Had some family work over the weekend so couldn’t check your site.
With first site
#1. (Mobile - Homepage) There is a black bar here. If you want to hide it, I guess Elementor will provde the option to do it on mobile only.

#2. (Mobile - Homepage) I think this space is a bit big

#3. Click this email >> It shows # link, I think you can add this link:

mailto: Matt@MattAitchison.com

Similar with Join Our… you can enter url


#4. (Mobile - About Me Page) I see you are using Justify text, but on some mobile, space between word won’t be equal.

#5. You haven’t added link to Youtube icon yet

#6. The logo image is not clickable. I see most sites always make it clickable on homepage

#7. Click Coaching >> It opens new page in current tab. With external links, I think leaving it open in new tab will be better for SEO in terms of time on site and timeout

#8. On desktop, Connect with me is a button, but on mobile it isnot. Do you want to add an outline around it?

With second site: http://playparklodge.com/
#1. Header button
Looks like we can only click above or below button text, and can’t click on button text or right/left.

This appears similar with Navigation and Logo

#2. Some logos/icon on homepage, I think if we split to 2 items/row would be better (on mobile)

#3. (Tablet - Footer) You can consider increase width of text links

#4. (Mobile - Guest App Page) Big white space

#5. (Mobile - Header) Do you want to change Arrow icon to White color?

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it. A lot of little things I missed and its always great to get a second set of eyes. Thank you!