Alrighty, im new here - recommendations are welcome

Ive never really added widgets to a site like mine before, and i spent a good amount of time building it. Really feel some widgets would bring that extra pop, but would like my ‘peers’ to give me their advice on what to add, and where. The image is my small biz logo
As i do guitar/Instrument repair and custom builds, unboxing & Reviewing.
Here’s my URL so you can get the idea(s)/feel.

All criticism is highly appreciated and welcomed ../ feel free to follow the YOUTUBE links as well!
Im also here to Network well.

Hope everyone is and has been well


@Michael_Twy7ch Hi Michael, great to see on our forum, welcome! :raised_hands:t2:

Nice question, I hope our members will share their thoughts with you :slight_smile:

I’ve also checked your website and it seems Social Feed widget doesn’t work right, since you haven’t added your own sources in the settings. Once you do it, the widget will display correctly.

I also must say that Google Sites platform doesn’t support popup solutions at the moment, but maybe other embedded widgets would work, such as All-in-one-Chat for efficient and fast consulting, FAQ with answers to the most frequent questions?

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@Helga Hello Helga, first let me start off by saying thank you very much for the warm greeting to the Community, as well as checking out the site to give some tips.

So far you are the first to respond to my post( I believe lol, still checking), and i’ll have to look into the Social Feed part, cause I had no idea I had that was even added to it. Still learning my around this thing (i know, there’s no excuses, just saying lol).

I’m going to actually get on this Widget thing right now! Have my site editor pulled up now, AND I SEE NOW what you’re talking about!!!

@Helga you rock!! please stay tuned to my site/media channels (if you like Guitar/Instrument Repair & Custom Builds) also, help folks out build and repair their PCs remotely

Once again, Thank you for your input :grin: this disabled small biz owner HIGHLY APPRECIATES it

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Michael, you’re most welcome, I’m happy that I could help you a bit! :hugs:

Yeah, learning the ropes is not easy, but I’m sure you’ll nail it! And we’ll try our best to support you here, so feel free to ask questions and take part in the community life! :slight_smile:


I actually just finished everything on my site, that you mentioned, plus a few other things. Had to setup a WhatsApp which ya know lol meh on that. But got that installed on my Linux system Chromebook, Vimeo ad, and my personal favorite…a custom QRC.

Im definitely going to be very active on this community just for the sake of networking and it’d be nice to meet like minded folks too

Thanks again @Helga you still rock

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@Michael_Twy7ch and we’ll be absolutely happy to see you in the threads! My apologies for the delay due to the weekends by the way.

I love your idea with the QR code, looks really nice, let alone the Social Feed that now works correctly :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re always welcome to ask questions (and help others!) - either we or our forum members will be delighted to give you hand :slight_smile:

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Michael, one thing you want to keep in mind is accessibility of your site. The contrast of colors on your site make it very difficult to read. The contrast level should be much greater for both the gold and the green.

The contrast ratio should be above 7. WCAG allows 4.8 and that is a stretch.

I agree that the addition of some widget could help your site “pop”. But this color contrast is challenging. By the way Brown/gold and green are color that affect more men than any others.


@Eric1 thanks buddy im on that now! Was just keeping with company colors, but now thinking of it wasn’t necessarily the greatest idea(nor the worst) want to remind everybody this is my first SITE EVER created at all…so i don’t think i did all that bad for my first run haha

You did great man! This color thing has caused more problems for more people than you can image. I’m writing an article this week on how your branding colors can cost you your business.

lol thanks buddy :slight_smile: i darkened all the font like you suggested as well as even changed some some color on some parts…I actually do appreciate you bringing those things to my attention though…im disabled as well, an ive had this business/side business going on strongly since 2017. 2020 was just able to get a PayPal, which i use for this and youtube. And i just put whatever i make back into this…Info is some of best :slight_smile: feel free to check out my youtube, thanks again for the helpful info

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@Eric1 awesome advice, thank you so much for sharing!

It would be just great if you could share your article with us here when it’s ready, I believe a lot of users would find it useful and enlightening!

I’ll be glad to do so.

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