New Widgets

Hey Elfsight! you read my mind!

haha! I was trying to look everywhere! for where do I post about suggesting new widgets.
So i interacted with the chatbot on the main website, typed in new widgets!

Scrolled down, and found the widget which will soon be created that I wanted to suggest.

THE SPINNING WHEEL PRIZE WIDGET!!! YES PLEASE! :smiley: That it awesome! Only because I found it using it on a site a while ago and, im sipping coffee reading this digital marketing book - oh a spinning wheel widget would be COOL!

anyways, i am psyched for when this gets released and p.s love the right click protection on the photo gallery! The only thing i’d recommend with that is being able to delete photos that we uploaded so we won’t be harassing you too much with the emails :joy:

Hey Len, so great to see you on our forum, welcome! :heart_eyes:

Yeah, we’re also stoked to finally have a space where all our users can start any discussion and just talk :slight_smile:

As for the Spinning Wheel widget, we indeed have it as our Coming Soon one! Besides, we have such a widget request in our wishlist, you can vote for it here: Prize Wheel | Feature Wishlist

We’re in the process of transferring our wishlist to our forum as well, but for now all your wishes are collected there :slight_smile:

And yes, don’t hesitate to leave other suggestions there, or discuss them here — we really love talking with you!

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Thanks Helga! your the best! :smile: