Could we have a section for new widget ideas separate to the “Discussions” area

Somewhere to suggest / discuss new widget ideas or how existing widgets could be improved (no discussion about bugs/issues)

I would like a “marquee effect” for things like reviews, text and clients logos. *marquee - refers to the horizontal slow counter-belt like movement of elements -

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Hello and thanks a lot for your suggestion!

I totally agree with you, and we do have plans to integrate our wishlist channel to the forum, so you have everything in one place :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, you’re most welcome to check out our wishlist and add the feature ideas you’d love us to implement:

Thank you!

Better late than never, right? :slight_smile:

Just in case here’s a note that our Wishlist Portal has moved to the Forum, so feel free to share your thoughts and vote for other ideas here: Wishlist - Elfsight Community