Customize the current Elfsight widgets by adding animations

Hello dear D.I.Y community. I’d like to talk about an idea that has less to do with technical or building a new widget.
I’m dreaming now… and wishing:
The Elfsight Widgets adds animations to the wigets where it makes sense, i.e. all^^ =P
2x Widgets widgets that come to mind is the
banner widget
and all the widgets that invite you to get in touch. Dream end^^
cheers Dirk

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Hi @Dirk :wave:

Always happy to see you with us!

I really appreciate your idea, that kind of animation is truly attention-grabbing. We’ll try to think it over in our future improvements.

Thank you so much for sharing awesome ideas and being an integral part of our Community :heart:

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Hey @Max thanks for your feedback, it’s just fun working with you all, because we all believe that the best product has no value if the service behind it isn’t right. That’s why it’s a pleasure for me to be a small part of it as a partner :hugs::top::bulb: