This platform

Hey there! Here’s the link to my website:
I found this platform, it’s useful for me, I’d never expect about a platform like that. Now I can go further with my website and adding some more tools that wasn’t in my idea


@Hans_Francisco happy to have you in our community, welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert, but your website looks really nice and logical for me, great job! Let’s wait for our tech expert @tuanphan and his feedback :slight_smile:


I see something, Not sure if it’s just your design intent or it’s the problem, but I’ll list them below.
#1 (Desktop - Work Page)
First & Second are center align but third is left align

#2. (Mobile - Work Page) I think it should be center, or make 3 links/same line, it would be better

#3. (Film Production Page) Text not fully displayed

#4. (Mobile - Contact Page) Problem with Contact Form + Duplicate logos on header

@tuanphan Tuan, thanks a lot for reporting the issue with the Form Builder widget!

@Hans_Francisco I’ve already asked the devs to have a look and correct it, I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

@Hans_Francisco we’ve checked the issue and see that the issue comes from Google Sites directly, which unfortunately, is something we cannot affect :frowning:

We however improved the behaviour on iOS when widget got cut, now it displays fine.