My first steps in E-commerce

I’m Hani and this is my story of getting here

I moved 4 years ago from Algeria to Turkey in search of a better life. I faced many problems and difficulties in finding a job and could not settle down.

I’ve been like this for a lot of months… without a job

This prompted me to stay at home and surf the Internet until I discovered my opportunity in E-commerce

I started raising capital by providing microservices

And through my experience with a customer, I found what I should sell and I knew how I should market it

The first step was to create a professional online store, but… its professionalism was not completed due to the lack of many features

I searched the Internet again, asked friends, and came across a group of companies that offer the service of integrating these features and making them available on your online store.

Here the choice fell on the best option… ‘

My store is now fully integrated, and the conversion process in it is very high :wink:

Nevertheless, I loved discovering more applications that the platform provides

Then, a pop-up appeared, and here I am telling you my boring story



Hi @Saudi!

I decided to showcase the most appealing posts from our Contest thread, so that other users do not miss them. I hope you don’t mind having your story in our Inspiration category as a separate post :slight_smile:

Feel free to change the title as you like, and thanks again for sharing your experience!

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