E-commerce widget - with products

Love to see an e-commerce widget with a product feed from Google, or Facebook, Instagram, Etsy store, Gum Road. Where ever you put your products. That can flow into your widget with markup so the search engine can pick it up. This isn’t just great for the customer, it’s a great promotional tool for Elfsight to say. "Increase your product exposure and sell more! "

  • With a links flowing back from your website with correct product data, more relevancy is achieved and there for more Google trust.

  • I have been floating around online, and have been unable to find something like this except for wordpress plugins, however a plugin for html sites does not exist.

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@ErrolNewsom that is a really great idea, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and suggestions!

I do hope we’ll be able to consider such an app in the future, especially if this request will get a lot of votes :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, it’s appreciated!