Olga and Helga make an Amazing Team

I did a webinar this morning on Elfsight and using widgets to solve problems business owners have. Both Olga and Helga joined me on the webinar. They insisted that I talk and they contribute. Their contributions were well recieved. My webinars are always live demos. If it breaks or if it looks ugly everyone will see it. Elfsight always shows well!

I can’t thank Elfsight enough for recognizing great talent to be on the team. Olga and Helga certainly measure up. They were as wonderful on the live demo as they are helpful in the community. Thank you both for everything!

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Hi Eric, You won’t find a better forum for support than Elfsight.

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@Eric1 I’m so sorry for having missed your post, thus for such a late reply!

Thank you so much for such warm words, the pleasure was ours to join you and your lovely space to talk about Elfsight a bit!

The webinar was top-notch — the time just flew by! Eric, you obviously know your stuff :slight_smile:

I’m happy if we could spice things up a bit, so many thanks for inviting us one more time! :heart_eyes:

@Eric1 I’m sorry for the late reply, too!

Thank you for organizing such an amazing webinar on Elfsight and how widgets can be used to solve real business problems. :yellow_heart: It was a pleasure to join! Many thanks for a great opportunity to learn how to host such cool webinars. It was really impressive! :clap:

Many thanks for your kind words, again!