Elfsight Share Buttons Review: Cusomization & Installation [German]

Hey Helga, hope you doeing well
olga was so kind and sent me the right link to the appropriate topic so that I could send you my first Elfsight video. I will create a video for each widget for my documentation for German customers. I am very happy about suggestions for improvement so that I can get better. Many greetings

Hey @Dirk, this is just fantastic, thank you ever so much for making and sharing this video with us!! :heart_eyes:

You know, I think other users should definitely watch it, especially those who are not sure yet whether the Social Share Buttons app will be a fit for them.

@all feel welcome to check out the video too, I guess your feedback will be of great help! :100:

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Thx a lot Helga :kissing_heart:
The next video will be about the staff search widget, the best thing is that it can also be used to implement a small business model in which you can easily build a small local job portal with this one widget. With the IONOS construction kit and the widgets, it didn’t take me about 1 hour anymore. Really cool how flexible the widgets are.
You can take a look at my demo shop, of course you have a permanent place that I will expand.
direkt link Widgets
start with my little local job portal

@Dirk this is just adorable, thank you so much for all your work and kind words! Really happy to hear that you’re happy with the way our widgets work on your platform, and it will be super cool to have a look at your next video :heart_eyes:

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