Translate Elfsight video tutorials with #ai and play them back with TTS and an avatar presentation

:earth_africa::loud_sound: Multilingual Translation Challenge! :loud_sound::earth_africa:

Hey everyone! I have a fun and exciting challenge for you today! In my latest video, I discussed some amazing insights on Elfsight widgets and the affiliate program. Now, I want to take this content to a global level!

I invite you to join me using the latest Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology and real human avatars! Translate videos into different languages. I would be very interested to know if this idea would also be interesting for other languages in order to present Elfsightโ€™s widgets in many languages.

What do you think about that?
Please leave me your feedback about it
cheers Dirk

Hey Dirk, awesome insight, thanks a lot! This really could be a great option to spread videos in different languages :hugs:


Thank you @Helga
Iโ€™ve been working with avatars for 3 years but companies are slowly realizing the advantage of this type of presentation. Thanks for your feedback.


Perhaps itโ€™s just not the time for it yet :blush:

Not everyone has got used to the AI phenomenon, let alone the tons of benefits and opportunities it has opened up. Iโ€™m myself a bit overwhelmed with all this lightning progress, if Iโ€™m honest :sweat_smile:


Youโ€™re absolutely right, itโ€™s not the time yet and the arguments for using it for bad things (fake videos) outweigh the efficient use.
But Iโ€™ll put it this way, Iโ€™m ready ^^ I strongly suspect that Googleโ€™s Gemini will set a new standard here, audio text and images are processed directly, which enables work that was previously not possible.
Sorry @Helga , this development will probably continue and no one will stop it, especially if AI wins back so much time.
But isnโ€™t it great that weโ€™re all experiencing this. Many greetings and thank you for the exchange :star::wave:

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@Dirk I totally agree with you! Moreover, I envy you that you dive into new and unexplored things so easily and fearlessly - thatโ€™s a real talent, I think :slight_smile:

And yes, there is no way to hinder the progress, and, actually, there is no point to do so :)) We just need to find a way to reap all the benefits! :smiling_face:

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