Contest Winners Announcement + Bonus!

Hello-hello! Today is a big day when we’re ready to pick the winners of our Contest and congratulate them here!

So, here are the results:

:1st_place_medal:The first place and the prize of Elfsight widgets 6 months free usage comes to @MakingMoves and his pieces of wisdom and advice on how to enhance your website!

:2nd_place_medal:The second place and 4 months of Elfsight widgets free usage goes to @Hugh and @Carmia who got an equal number of likes!

:3rd_place_medal:Elfsight Team were suffering big time when trying to choose only one story to win the third prize, but the rules are to be followed! Our third winner is @Joseph and his super gripping story and immensely helpful tips on what features a website should contain to be as useful as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not it! We’ve also decided to give all the participants left one bonus month for supporting our first content and for being so kind to tell their lovely stories :heart_eyes:

Congrats @Maureen, @Alex1, @Dead, @Saudi, @FIGGY, @Kate, @Eva!

Folks, thank you sooo much for supporting our first Contest here and for taking the time to share such thorough, insightful and enlightening pieces of wisdom. We were absolutely stoked to get and read each and every one of them! I’m certain your stories might pave the way for more people to find the motivation to keep going :slightly_smiling_face:

All the winners can expect a private message about receiving the prize within a day! :tada:


To wrap up our competition, we’d love to give you and all our forum members a 50% discount on any new subscription annual plan! If you were on the fence whether to give a new widget a try, here’s a sign :slightly_smiling_face:

Your coupon code → 6ADCD8C2

The discount works only for a week!

If you didn’t have a chance to take part in our contest, feel welcome to read the awesome stories our participants left in this thread.

See you around!