How we gained trust with the Elfsight Google Reviews

Hello Elfsighters! :smile: :wave:

We found Elfsight when we were trying to get an easy and affordable way to have our hard earned Google Reviews on the front page of our website. We are and we help families and puppies find each other. We are committed to only working with breeders and guardian homes that share our vision of the unnegotiable need to have our puppies be born, and to thrive in, a loving and caring HOME environment. Period. This is critical to the puppies’ early stages of development, and we love the chance we have to influence this issue from the inside of the industry.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there in our marketplace, and we have to combat that suspicion all the time. One way we have found to help that is to make sure our customers see all the Google Reviews from our many fur-iends that have become a fur-ever family for our puppies. There is nothing like a positive personal experience to inspire confidence.

Elfsight made the installation of their widgets a breeze on our WordPress driven websight. The directions were very clear and we were able to make the changes to our website ourselves, and WITHOUT the expensive costs of calling our Website Guy. From the development of our customized widget, the installation, and the quick customer service responses-- Elfsight has been outstanding all around. We got the Google Review Widget customized and live on our websight the very same day we found out about The process is so easy, we are looking into other ways Elfsight can help upgrade our website with the other tools and widgets they have. And since our membship comes with all of them, it won’t cost us a bit more to explore options we never knew could be so affordable to implement!

Thank you Elfsight! And make sure Natalia knows how much we appreciated her kind and thorough assistance when we needed help! You guys are doing it right!


Hi @Kate!

I thought it would be awful to have such a nice story be lost in our Contest thread, so I’ve moved your post to our Inspiration category as a separate one. I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Feel free to change the title if you feel like doing so, and thanks again for sharing your experience! :hugs: