Event Calendar: Enjoy more flexible repeat options and All Day event feature

Hello Elfsighters :wave:

Fantastic news for you :tada:

We’ve closed a bunch of feature requests in our Wishlist by adding more repeat options and All Day event feature to Event Calendar:

:white_check_mark: More flexible repeat options

:white_check_mark: End dates for repeat periods

:white_check_mark: Add an option NOT to specify start/end times

:white_check_mark: Recurring calendar items expire automatically

Repeat options

Now you can set Custom repeat options for your events:

GIF 5-5-2023 5-04-19 PM

All Day feature

Now you can remove Start/End time and set events for the whole day:

GIF 5-5-2023 5-07-39 PM

Guys, do you like new features? Feel free to share your experience in this thread :raised_hands:


THAT’S AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!!

You’re most welcome!! @user2917 :heart_eyes: