More flexible event repeat options

More flexible event repeat options

The current repeat options (daily, weekly, every weekday) are a good start, but my organization has many events that repeat on a certain time of the month - every third wednesday, every 2nd and 4th thursday, etc. Being able to set a repeat that accomplishes that would save me a ton of effort in entering multiple identical events. Even just allowing a monthly repeat on a day would be a huge addition for my organization.


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Hello Amber,

Thank you for adding your request!

I do see your point and our dev team will try their best to talk these ideas through.

We already have a similar request, so I’m merging this idea with that one. You will be notified about all that idea’s status changes :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your help!


I would like to see an end date for any repeat events. For example, I want to add an event for three months only.

Even the option to repeat on the 1st (or any other day) of the month.

Will this ever be able to happen, do you thinK? It seemed for a while there that it was “coming soon,” but not yet…or maybe it IS available, but I can’t figure out how to use it?


We have recurring events that are things like every 2nd Wednesday or the Last Saturday, etc. and would like to see more scheduling options like Outlook and Google Calendar offere–please.

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It would be great to have the option of a simple Monday - Sunday Event calendar, without any dates. If you have recurring weekly events, this would be benefitial, as you don’t need to re-create weekly events.

I imagine this would be displayed by removing any dates, and simply having Monday - Sunday as the dominant heading of each event card?

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less admin stuff

More repetition functionality for events.

Please add biweekly and monthly repeat periods.
Would be very useful for concurring things like monthly meet ups and meetings.

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In your calendar widget for recurring events I see daily, weekly and Every Weekday but I don’t see Monthly. I want to create a monthly recurring meeting.

Right now your recurring events only last a month. Would love an ability to set monthly and weekly for a certain amount of events.

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It would be great if the repeated weekley option ran longer than just one month as I am putting together a community directory with a list of support events. Most of these run every week and I would like to add them in just once and not have to worry about them until they are no longer running.

Thank you.

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Hi folks,

Thanks a lot for adding the request and for your comments!

We truly appreciate your sharing your thoughts and ideas here - it is a huge help for our dev team in releasing the most suitable feature.

We try our best to include the most popular requests to the widgets’ updates and we do believe this feature will be added to one of the nearest ones.

And if any other thoughts regarding this option come up, please don’t hesitate to write them here, we will be happy to discuss them all.

Thank you!

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Hello there,

Thank you very much for your additional comments!

We do appreciate your every idea and we try hard to include them in the updates. We also hope to see new features in the widget soon as we totally understand how they could increase the widget’s value.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support!

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