WhatsApp Chat didn't open on WhatsApp Desktop

When a user click on WhatsApp button to start a chat in desktop view it opens a new browser window asking to scan a QR code to connect to WhatsApp. But if the user already has WhatsApp desktop app installed it didn’t open this app and ask to use WhatsApp web version.

Is there a way to open the WhatsApp desktop app instead the web version?

Note: This is on MAC OS. On Windows seems to work as expected.


Hello Pedro :wave:

Thank you for contacting us!

I am terribly sorry that you faced such an issue using our widget.

I have forwarded your request to our developers, and hopefully, they will come up with a solution very soon, I’ll keep you updated.

Have a nice day!

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we have the same issue.

Any solutions? :slight_smile:


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Hi @Nubistudio_Grafica_e, I’m very sorry to hear that :frowning:

Could you please send me the link with the widget in question? We’ll be happy to look into it!

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Link is

Many thanks!

I’ve just checked your widget on the Windows desktop, and the chat successfully opened in the WhatsApp app, as it should.

If the widget still doesn’t get opened, could you please send me a video screencast of what you see? I’ll be happy to check it :slight_smile:

Hi Helga,

on Windowsok, the issue is on Mac OS, here video link


Thank you, @Nubistudio_Grafica_e!

As far as I can see, your Whatsapp desktop app is not connected to your Whatsapp account, that’s why you see that message.

You just need to follow the instruction in that message to connect to your account, and after that the widget will work as expected.

Could you please try to do so?

I always use Whatsapp desktop app :slight_smile:
It’s just connected!
This is the problem! The same of user wrote about in november in the first post.

Link video where I show my Whatsapp desktop app connected

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Oh, I see it now, my apologies for the misunderstanding, @Nubistudio_Grafica_e!

I know see that you’re using a WP standalone plugin, which, unfortunately, I cannot provide assistance for :frowning:

This forum is dedicated to Elfsight cloud apps, thus we can help with only cloud apps-related questions here since WP standalone plugins might look and work differently.

I advise you to either try our cloud version of the same WhatsApp Chat widget which definitely doesn’t have this issue, or ask your question via our CodeCanyon form, our team will try their best to provide the answers there :raised_hands:t2: