Test WhatsApp widget

Can someone test the WhatsApp widget on our website to see if it’s working, I cannot test on my own phone as it uses my number.


Many thanks !

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I’ve checked your WhatsApp widget, and it seems the country code is missing, hence the chat doesn’t get open.

Could you please check the settings and let me know, so I can check it once again?

Ahh, I didn’t realise that.

Please try again thank you.

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It seems everything works fine now - I was able to write a message :slight_smile:

Is it ok on your end, too?

Hello again Helga, I switched to WA Business, and am unsure if the feature works now ?

I read that WA Business support is a feature consideration, so I would like to double check.

Thanks again.

Hello, and my apologies for the late reply!

You see, WA business should work the same as an ordinary account, providing you have a number. In case your business profile doesn’t have a number, I’m afraid it won’t work in the widget.

However, we’re testing one workaround these days, so hopefully we’ll make it work :slight_smile:

If we are a success, I’ll post an update in this thread and in the Announcement category :raised_hands:t2:

Would you be able to try our site, a message through the widget again please ?

Great to see that everything’s working fine!
We’ll do our best to correct the info on our website to make things more clear and transparent :pray:t2: