Help with Whatsapp Chat

Hi everyone.! We use the WhatsApp widget but we want to skip the section where when you click on the widget, the chat bubble opens. We would like that when you click on the text of WhatsApp the customer will immediately come to the link of our WhatsApp Business with our automatic message. We would not want to use the other optional button app that you have, because we really like the design + the little animation of the WhatsApp widget is great. Do you have any idea how we can do this?

Hello Asaf,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum!

I do understand your idea, however, I have to say that our WhatsApp Chat doesn’t support opening a chat itself with the pre-made message. I’m really sorry about this inconvenience!

But we do have such a request in our wishlist, and you’re most welcome to vote for this idea to get email notifications on its updates: Open WhatsApp directly | Feature Wishlist.

And if you have other useful ideas in mind, feel free to leave them all there as well, we’re happy to receive the feedback from our users and implement their ideas :slight_smile: