Twitter issues

Today I connected to Twitter and indeed the posts were loaded.
But after seeing them correctly, it now shows me without images and also shows me posts that I deleted, as if the social feed wasn’t updating in real time.
Can you tell me what I can do for these two problems?

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Hi @user3810 :wave:

I’ve checked your widget and the images are displayed on my side:

If the issue still persists, please check your widget using incognito mode or another browser.

As for the removed posts, they are displayed because of the cache.

At the moment, our Twitter Feed widget has a 30-day cache on Lite plans and 120-hours on paid plans. It means that the removed tweets will be deleted from your feed within 30 days.

We had to increase the cache time due to the latest changes in Twitter’s policy and made their API way too pricy. We totally understand how inconvenient it can be and deeply apologize for all the frustration caused!

We’re actively investigating options to decrease the cache time because we realize that the present situation isn’t the most comfortable one.

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions.