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Hello, I need help on the below:

My Social feed is not working correctly,
The tweets are from 5 days ago. I have tweeted more than 100 tweets in the last 5 days.
2nd, It seems that after x amount of time the tweets and posts disappear from the app.
3rd, It is also showing information about random days
IG Post from yesterday
Tweets 6 days ago,
Tweets from Sep 27
Tweets from Sep 4
YT from May 29
IG post form JUNE 14, 2022 (LAST YEAR)

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Hello there @DOMINICANCOD :wave:

I am genuinely sorry for this inconvenience!

Could you please share a link to the page where your widget is installed?

Hello Max,
So far the widget is here :

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  1. Unfortunately, we’re currently experiencing issues with the Twitter API, causing this refreshment delay.
    Your widget will update in the period between October 12 and October 22. We are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience, but there’s currently no way to expedite the tweets update.
    Our team keeps working hard as we are actively exploring all possible options to provide the best solution to the refreshment delays issue.

  2. Could you please provide some more detail on your case? Does it happen with all the sources or just the specific one? Do you have any examples of the disappeared posts? Any information would be highly appreciated :pray:

  3. As for your 3rd question, we’ve recently added Show Date option to the widget and it’s enabled by default. However, you can disable it. You just need to click on Customize button on the Post tab and disable Show Date option:

Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max thanks for the prompt answer
1), Got it… I will wait until October 12 and October 22… Hopefully your team can get a solution to the refreshment delay issue asap .

  1. It happen to all the sources…
    maybe in a few hours or days,… any of the post that are in your picture are not going to be there anymore…
    If you click the load more button you will see that most of our content is not there any more…
    we post something daily…
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Could you please send me an example of the post that still exists in one of the sources (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) but disappeared from the widget?

Hello Max,
most of the post that were in your picture before are gone,
the post and tweets still exist…

please see the below


I got you. I’ve checked your widget once again and see that only Twitter posts disappeared.

I have to tell you you that we had to reduce the number of tweets we can display to 10. So, at the moment, 10 latest posts are displayed in your feed.

We understand that this is not ideal and we are looking for ways to provide increased number of displayed posts in the future. But at the moment, there’s no option to display more than 10 tweets. I am so sorry!

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions.

Hello Max,
It seems the social feed app is not working correctly for Instagram post too…
The posts are disappearing too

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Could you please share a link to the page where the issue occurs?

Hi Max
Same link
please see below

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Thank you!

I’ve checked your widget and don’t see the posts to be disappearing. Could you please share an example of such posts that exist in your account but aren’t displayed in the widget?

It would be tremendously helpful :pray: