Support added themselves as a CC to my contact forms

On 2nd of October I noticed multiple contact forms and other widgets were down on my websites. I contacted support to notify them and got a message to say that everyone was on a retreat. Lovely. Anyways, not content to wait I went about reinstalling the code on several websites to fix the issue. Took quite a bit of my time for no reason.

Then I got a reply from Marina from Elfsight support to say she checked and they are working. Yes I know 'cause I fixed them. But that yes the site had temporarily experienced difficulties which I’m guessing was exactly when I noticed they weren’t working.

Fast forward to today and I got an email from my contact form from a potential client and guess what? Marina from Elfsight Support has CC’d herself in the contact form. I hit reply all to reply to the potential client and I see Marina’s email address in the CC line. Hmmm… now I’m guessing she wanted to test my contact form to see that it’s working and forgot to remove herself. But I see this as a huge violation of my privacy and the privacy of my potential client whose contact information is included in the email and she would have received.

Don’t you think?

If I go to my Elfsight dashboard to edit this contact form, her email does not show there so I’m guessing she has added in their back end. So I can’t even remove her email address from my contact form? I tested the contact form myself again just now and yes her email address is there. I have taken screenshots.

I feel violated.

Now she has created more work for me (again) as I need to check all my forms and see if she has added herself elsewhere. This is head scratchingly bad form in my opinion.

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Dear Kelly, first of all, I’m so very sorry for all the trouble you had to go through!

It’s true that a really severe issue came up when we least expected it (well, Murphy’s law in full swing), but although it was a company retreat, some of us were still here, of course.

You’re right about the issue, to be honest, we ourselves were taken aback as it happened all of a sudden and without any notice from our partners. It took almost a week to get in touch with them and have everything sorted. Not our best experience, I must say.

As for the Form Builder widget and my colleague’s email there, that’s an unfortunate oversight from our end, I cannot deny it. Marina wanted to make sure that everything was working as expected, but for some reason her email remained in the settings. I assure you we’ll take every effort to prevent such situations in the future. I completely understand your feelings and agree that your data is to be taken with extra care, thus we’re definitely going to reconsider our workflows and see what we can do to prevent anything of this kind in the future.

Kelly, I’m truly sorry for this unfavourable experience you’ve had this time. I do believe you’re good now and all your widgets work just fine. Actually, I’d like to thank you for sharing your feedback with us whatever it is, because it’s always great food for thought, and we truly appreciate your taking the time to help us find more efficient ways to improve our service.

If there’s anything else you’d love to share, or if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We’re always here for you to help, advise and just talk :slight_smile:

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