Contact Form Email Replies are Still Going to Elfsight

  • Issue description:
    I just realized that I hadn’t heard back from most of my contact form replies and realized that about 80% of my replies have been going to and not the provided email address in the form.
    It seems like it changed sometime around June 27th when I was replying to a bunch of emails and about half went to the email addresses and the other half went to Elfsight. If I got an email back saying “This isn’t a monitored mailbox, please don’t email this” then I would’ve known immediately.
    It seems like the emails that reply to Elfsight automatically pop that up in the box when I hit Reply and the ones that go to the provided email address automatically pop that up in the To box. It doesn’t seem to care about what domain the email is coming from or if there are any special characters or numbers.

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Hello @Nat1! We are happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :wink:

I am terribly sorry that you’ve encountered such an issue using our app. Please accept my sincere apologies!

We’ll be happy to investigate the issue! To do this, we may need some extra information, that’s why we’ll contact you at n******* in the nearest time.

Please check your inbox and answer in a support ticket.

Best regards,

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FYI I noticed this the other day too. I can forward you an email from the last week if you’d like to review the headers.

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Hello @Hugh!

Thank you for waiting!

I am really sorry that you’ve faced such an issue!

We’ll be happy to check everything for you! Could you please contact us at and provide with the details of the issue?

Looking forward to your reply!