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I met the issue too.

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I paid for a subscription at shopify’s app store. Do I need to re-pay for the subscription package on the official website? Or is there someone who can help me upgrade my account privileges on the official site.

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Hi @Yik_Sung_Chan :wave:

I see that my colleague Nataly has already responded to your request in a support ticket.

As she said, we offer our apps on Shopify market - Apps by Elfsight on the Shopify App Store and also on our website - The Best Free Widgets and Plugins for your Website (2023).
These are two different marketplaces that are not connected with each other anyhow.

Here is the main difference between Elfsight Apps and our Apps on Shopify Appstore:

  • you can install Elfsight widgets on unlimited websites, while on Shopify you’re restricted by one domain only
  • you can edit apps from the Shopify marketplace on your website directly vs. with Elfsight apps you can manage your subscription and widgets from your Elfsight account

You have the option to either continue using our Shopify app or transition to our cloud solution. If you choose to switch to Elfsight apps, please note that you will need to delete the Shopify app, and your subscription will be canceled automatically.

If you have any further questions, please get back to Nataly. She’ll be delighted to help :slightly_smiling_face: