Provide a client with access to all widgets within his project

As a web developer or agency, I want to be able to grant a client access to the project with their widgets. This will allow the customer to independently update the content, saving me time.

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We are gathering more detailed information about the function of providing access to widgets for clients. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Which widgets would you like to provide access to for your clients?
  2. Why do you want to provide access to these widgets for your clients? Please list all the reasons if there are multiple.

Every opinion is important to us!

Thank you!

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1- all
2- with access to widget the client is able to manage his contents - so clients with access to the project should at least be able to have editor access to change the design layout, add new feeds, add search tags to existing content, add some blocking tags, create events, modifiy event text, etc… but won’t be able to remove anything. Clients with an admin access should be able to remove feeds, block posts, remove @tags, etc… they should NOT be able to remove any widget globally as this is a super admin request that should go to the company owning the account


Hi @Andrei ,
you don’t need to share all the widgets with the customer.
It is necessary to make them (make them?*) access only the widgets where they must independently enter content (e.g. events, menus, etc.).

It might be useful for us to have all the same client’s widgets in one place, but we would need to grant one or more people access to one or more widgets.

Client Hotel XY
John (front desk) needs to be able to access events but not everything else
Marc (restaurant) must be able to access the menu but not the rest
Elga (owner) must be able to access both
We (agency) access the same widgets and all others that are not shared.

Plus everything he says @The_Algar .

I hope I was able to explain myself.


Hi @Andrei, @Betto nails the most common use cases here and @The_Algar importantly references the Why. As important as it is, I feel the multi access “within a business” is currently a “nice to have”. Given that the “Projects” has now been developed, hopefully this paves the way for client access to specific widgets by group.

I’m still really intrigued to how pricing is going to be affected on this.

Anyway appears like the requirements are getting nice and narrow so hopefully this one comes soon.

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