Feature Discussion: Share access to your Elfsight account

Hello Elfsighters! :raised_hands:t2:

We’d really love to discuss with you an option to share access to your Elfsight account, in that we received a lot of requests regarding it from you.

If this topic sounds relatable, please do participate!

Feature Description

You’d want to share access to creating or managing widgets in your Elfsight account with other people (your colleagues, teammates, clients, etc.). This way, several people have to have access to your Elfsight account and manage different things.

The question

What features you’d need to feel comfortable when sharing your account with other people? These are our assumptions:

  • give restricted access to particular widgets (for instance, to your clients)
  • invite members from your team and give them access to your account
  • give restricted access to specific sections, or exclude particular sections like Billing

:question: What do you think? Your input really matters, cuz we’re in the process of collecting your feedback to the fullest in order to develop a solid feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, and looking forward to brainstorming the ideas with you!


realy nice, will there also be a way to sort modules by brands / companies within this restriction settings?


Can I just say, “Yes please!” to all of the above! :smile:

Clients need to be able to edit their own widgets. Sliders and Event Calendars are perfect examples. Those need frequent changes. Right now, it’s not even possible to use my agency account for such things because I’d have to make every update for them.

So, for me, top priority is being able to share a widget with a client so that they can update it.

Secondly, letting a team member be able to create new widgets in my account for using on client sites would be terrific, too.


Absolutely. I love all of these items listed. The hope of being able to share access of certain plugins with individual clients would be incredible. Currently have full separate accounts, but this would help put them under one umbrella, eliminating multiple logins and passwords.

ideally, the workflow would go like this: Invite user to existing Elfsight account > grant access to certain app/widget > their dashboard/login would only show those widgets, that they can edit or embed.

Would also love the ability to white label (add our agency logo, branding), if possible. Just to give it that extra level of professionalism.

I also love Joy’s comment about the ability for clients to create new widgets themselves. I haven’t thought of that one, but it’s terrific!


I really feel it has to work the way you suggested and also, maybe have a feature to create Users and not only use a invite function.
Have options to create time counter on how long widget use can be assigned maybe for just a period meeting or test.

Then another thing is it can give reporting statics of your clients under your main account it would also be great, so you can help assist them in making use of it

Possibility of installing a company domain in ElfSight (white label is essential)

For example:

“<script src =” https: //COMPANY-DOMAIN.COM/p/platform.js "defer> "


Thank you, we’ve been waiting for this feature for so long! It’s quite constraining to have an elfsight subscription and to have to go through third-party extensions because we know that the client will have a recurring need for modification on the display. I am thinking for example of the pop up module, agenda, etc …
I think you should take inspiration from Figma’s nomenclature.

  • Option level, it would be interesting to be able to group certain modules by customer (And potentially to search by customer). Like project>files in Figma, we might have Client (or project) > modules.

  • To be able to invite a user to modify a module (like a file sharing on Figma for example)

  • To be able to give access for a certain period of time?

  • To have viewing access only? for a review from the client or a colleague.

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Hey everyone :grin:
It would be a dream if I could rent individual widgets to my customers. I’ve focused on small businesses with really small budgets. and it would be great to be able to help these customers in this way. If you need a beta tester anytime, :yum: many regards Dirk


Hello guys, and thank you soo much for your suggestions!!

We read each and every comment, and we’ve already found great insights from your posts :slight_smile:

I guess I have to mention that we are not thinking over White lable option as of yet, as we’d want to start from something less challenging. We do bear this option in mind, though :slight_smile:

It was amazing to see the real example of the features you already tested and liked, thanks a lot @Sony for providing it!

Folks, if you have other examples of the features you like/use, don’t hesitate to mention them, we’ll be delighted to investigate them :heart:

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This is not something we will need.

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White Label will be very attractive. :star_struck:


Helga, think about the launch of the white label because it is very necessary.


@Siro , @Adri we totally agree that white label is a game changer, and we are not going to give up on this idea :slight_smile:

The thing is that we decided to start with a less complex feature now, which could pave the way to the White label functionality in the future :slight_smile:

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I was also thinking of an option to transfer ownership of certain applications you’ve made for when you’re selling your business and all that, so the new owner has access to all your website’s applications, but that could come later.

In any case, I think you can implement this similarly to Google docs, more or less, and how files are shared on that.

Terrific ideas. All three suggestions from the team are spot on, and I think a great first step toward a more flexible way to manage and leverage everything Elfsight already delivers on.
White labeling would be the next logical step, however, the proposed sharing access features would be amazing.
Keep up the awesome work Elfsight!


What we think is useful is:

• to be able to create sub-accounts (free) for specific customers to which to allow access to the management of specific selected widgets;

• but that this management only and exclusively concerns the contents and not the display settings, CSS, timing, etc.

But the first thing to start from (which is certainly also the most trivial) is to make sure that within the current back-end it was possible to carry out searches.
We manage many clients and going to look for one every time through the pagination keys is a mission impossible.

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Yes to all above - I am desperate for this functionality - we have clients that want to update their own events and we currently have to do it for them OR they have to have their own accounts - and they don’t want that. Easier by far if we set it up, style it and inbed it on their websites and they have access to their own app so they can do this. We could resell this easily of we could do this - you would have far more users and make more money as well…


Some sites like SoundCloud, allow team based access to the management and creator interface. The primary account user gives permissions to other users via their email credentials and it uses some form of Single Sign On based authentication I think.

From the Client side-- I think it may be complicated to get something set up because how would you get certain access to certain assets allowed or restricted, but I think SquareSpace has something like this set up for the businesses and business’ clients in their features for Business team members (Settings>Permissions) and for Business’ clients (Member’s Area).


OMG yes to this all the way! Love the ability to invite team members and restrict access to particular pages/areas based on permission access levels. And even grant permissions to certain folders (like client folders).

Also, need clients to be able to log in and have complete access to all their apps (show no billing to clients).

This would be a game-changer :slight_smile:


All three options! I would love that. Right now I get very little use out of my account for this reason.