Let's wrap up 2022! ⚡

Happy Friday, friends! :raised_hands:t2:

Are we really going into 2023 already? I have super bright memories of this forum first steps and stages, and look! Now we’re going to talk about the results :slight_smile:

Why not start with numbers?

  • 6000+ members have joined our Community Forum

  • 1400+ topics posted

  • 6700+ posts created

  • 2400+ likes given

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@Hugh , @Dirk , @romano97002 , you are our pioneers and outright leaders in our community life.
Your input is huge, and we do appreciate you spending time with us here :slight_smile:

All the kudos are going to you, our dear Elfsighters, as you are our inspiration, motivation and great pride. Thank you for being with us and helping us grow! This synergy is invaluable :heart:

We hope this year was full of eye-opening discoveries, great achievements and new knowledge. Let’s start the new year with new hopes, dreams, and ambitions. We’re sure that best things are yet to come :slight_smile:

P.S. We’re going to work on reduced hours for the holidays (December 31st through January 9), so I apologize if we won’t come to the rescue right away. But we’ll try our best at this point :dizzy:

See you next year! :wave:t2:


Thank you for Support & exchange

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@Dirk That’s so pleasant to see that you’ve made such a video!

Thank you so much for significant contribution to the development of our Community :heart:

You rock :muscle: :rocket:


Gladly, AI makes it quick and I also have the opportunity to present my sounds. by the way… here is the link to my last soundtrack. I am very happy about a like or a follow if you like it =)