Please simulate a real email to me, no just a report that someone contacted me!

I find your form quite impressive. Great designs! However, I would like the form to simulate a message to me, not just a way to report someone contacted me. I would like to receive the form message as an actual email, with the name and sender’s email set to the visitor address, the subject placed in the email’s subject header, and the body containing only the message. That way, I can hit the reply button on my mailer and respond to the contact directly. What do you think? It could be an option in addition to the actual behavior.

Behavior: ☐ Send as a contact request ☒ Send an actual email

Right now the default and unique behavior is useless for me.

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@Stan We are ecstatic to hear these kind words about our app! Thank you so much for your awesome feedback :heart:

I agree that it would be great to receive submissions as a real email. However, I am afraid, this functionality is quite a tall order at the moment. Anyway, we’ll strive to take it under consideration in our future enhancements.

All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for pointing us in this direction!

@Stan Also, I’d like to let you know, that when you click on Reply button the needed email address is automatically added form the submission and you can respond to the contact directly.

Could you please check this option and let me know if it works for you?

Yes!, it works, however I just discovered this: I have a field ‘Your name’ with field ID ‘[your-name]’. In ‘Notify Me’ I have tried to insert ‘[your-name]’ in the ‘[your-name]’ field. I tried the form and the tag is not processed. You receive a message with the subject set to ‘[your-name]’ instead of the contact name. It looks like a bug.

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Hi @Stan :wave:

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I’ll check it with our devs and get back to you a bit later :slightly_smiling_face:

@Stan Unfortunately, there is no option to add field id to the Sender Name field for now. I am really sorry!

We already have such a request in our Wishlist and our devs are working on this feature. You can vote for this request to follow the latest updates.

As a workaround, you can add [your-name] to the Subject field. Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face: