feature to automatically send an email to the customer after submitting their message, an auto-responder

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Original comment from Sportpark Group transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

When a user submits a form, I get an email notification, but the user does not get an email notification. Please add the option to automatically send an email to the user who submits a form.

In my case I use the form as a contact form and as application form. So people who apply or contact us do not know if the information was submitted properly (apart from a thank-you-message).

This is a low-hanging fruit and actually a basic requirement, please support.


I’m super excited to say that Auto-responder option is now available in the Form Builder app! :fire:

You can find and check it out in your widget Email tab → Notify Respondents → Autoresponder Email:

Feel free to share your feedback!