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It would be great with the possibility of using [mail] form submissions in the mail field for recieving mails. So that you can send out an “confirmation mail” to the respondents of the contact form.

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I totally see your point, thanks a lot for sharing your use case!

I’m really sorry that this option is not supported yet in our form, but I’ve reminded our dev team about this feature request one more time. I do hope they will keep it in mind when creating the roadmap for the future updates :pray:t2:

Thank you very much for helping us!

Helga, Community Manager

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Hi folks,

I’m really happy to say that Mail confirmation option is now available in the Contact Form app! :fire:

You will find this option in your widget Email tab → Notify Respondents → Autoresponder Email:

If you have any feedback to share, please do so in the comments! :slight_smile: