Forms, Popup: Take care of your clients' submissions with Autoresponder

A really wanted feature is finally out! Meet Autoresponder option in Contact Form, Form Builder, Subscription Form, and Popup apps! :tada:

Contact Form, Form Builder, and Subscription Form

You will find this option in your widget Email tab → Notify Respondents → Autoresponder Email:

You’re also welcome to add the files IDs to the message in order to send the copy of the message to the user:


You will find it in the Form block → Email Notifications → Notify Respondents → Autoresponder Email:


Don’t hesitate to share your feedback! Does everything work as expected on your end?


Wow, thank you for this feature :fire:


@Giorgos we’re ecstatic that you love it! :heart_eyes:

Have you already tried this and does everything work as expected?

Excellent new feature! I will be implementing it today.


Thank you for your kind comment, @Chris52! We really hope you’ll find it useful :hugs:

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Yes. I tried it and works fine, it’s very helpful. But you can’t trust it 100%, I test it with 2 different Google accounts and the mail went to junk folder.

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@Giorgos I’m really sorry that you had to face this issue :frowning:

I admit that some of our users do experience the same thing with the emails getting sent to junk folder. Our devs are trying to figure this out and find a global solution.

Thank you for your comment!

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Hello @Helga, hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for these new features.

I tested the autoresponder function. Alas, it doesn’t work. I do not receive the confirmation email.

I send you by PM the address of the web page on which the form is installed.

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PM sent!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @romano97002, I’m on my way to help you out!

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Hello @Helga and thank you for answering me,

Thanks a lot.

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