Real sender name [an option to set manually]

Hi, I suggest o update this form with real sender name. Not “Notifications” name like now.

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Thanks for adding this idea and the comment!

We understand that having a real sender name would be a better option, and I’m sorry that we don’t support it yet.

Although unfortunately, at the moment it’s quite a tall order, we’ll try to find a way to release this feature in our future updates.

Thank you for your understanding!

Helga, Community Manager

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Currently on Form Builder & Contact form, when an email is delivered it shows the “From” address as: Notifications <

This is not ideal when setting up forms for our clients. We need the ability to specify the “From” email address or by default, make it the same as the “To” email address.

Dear folks,

I’m thrilled to say that an option to set the Sender name is add to the Contact Form app! :tada:

You can check it out in your widget Email tab → Notify Me → Sender Name:

Screenshot 11-08-2022 12.53.01 Screenshot 11-08-2022 12.53.34

We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on this update, so feel free to share :slight_smile:

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Hi Helga, thanks for update.
But, [field-id] feature does not work in field “Sender Name”.

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@Dominik thanks for your reply!

You know, [field-id] is not supposed to work in “Sender Name” field, you should manually rename it manually the way you need :slight_smile:

Could you however describe your use case a bit more, so that I get it better? Which [field-id] you’d love to add there exactly?

I believe you misinterpreted the original request when you marked this “Released”. I filed a new request, hopefully with a little better explanation. Sender Name to replace field [field-id] values

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@Serge1 it seems this request looked really confusing, I’ve adjusted its title so that it is more clear.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!