Contact Form - not replacing field values in Sender Name

In the Contact Form app email template, the field ids get replaced with values in Subject and Message but not replaced in the Sender Name - see the screenshot below. My goal is to have the sender info in that field so the help desk system we use handles the incoming case correctly. Is this something you could make work? TIA!

(I haven’t tried the Form Builder yet but if this works correctly, let me know, I don’t care which app it is as long as it works the way I need it)


Hello @Serge1! We are so glad that you’ve decided to join us! Welcome to Community :wave: :heart:

Unfortunately, field id is not supported in Sender Name field in our Forms widgets. I am so sorry!

This idea is really great and we would be very grateful if you could add it to our Wishlist. Please leave your feature request in this category - Contact Form - Elfsight Community to get a notification upon its release.

If any other questions come up, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Have a great day :wink: