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Folks, wave goodbye to all the math headaches!

We’re thrilled to introduce our Calculator app – your shortcut to quick and accurate calculations right on your website :rocket:


Calculator: What is it?

Calculator is an app designed to enhance your website, providing visitors with an interactive and user-friendly calculation experience. Seeing the results in just a few seconds can turn even the hesitant into buyers right from your website :money_with_wings:

No matter what services or goods you offer - loans and mortgages, venues organization, shipping, our tool will perfectly work for you!

Wait no longer and test it out through an interactive online demo :raised_hands:

The list of key features

  • basic math operators and premade formulas

  • fast and precise calculations

  • 6 field types for smooth and interactive experience

  • conditional logic

  • hassle-free design customization

  • and so much more!

Have you given our Calculator app a spin yet? How are you going to use it? We can’t wait to hear your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome, that’s a great widget :star_struck:


So happy to hear from you, Dirk! Thanks a lot for your comment, are you going to use the widget, maybe? :blush:


Excellent! I build Mortgage Loan Officer Websites, this will be a superfun addition!


Hi @Tim_Armstrong1 :wave:

That’s great, hope you’ll enjoy the results! Thank you so much for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any questions or additional feedback, feel free to reach out us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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Oh man! Finally! great work. I send a request of this like 3 years ago.
Happy to this new widget! . Looking forward to install it in my webpages!


Hey @David_Marquez, happy to have you on our forum and excited to hear you’re loving the release! :heart_eyes:

Could you please share your completed Calculator widget here? It’d be great for the community to see how you’ve utilized the widget :blush:


You know what would be an awesome template for this calculator? A sales tax or tax savings calculator.

E.x. purchase price or amount spent, per day, month, year, % of tax paid with each purchase, total spent on tax. and if possible, something that shows a break even point or how much you can save.

There are so many taxes baked into things these days, and in a lot of cases, those taxes are variable by things like age, veteran status, medical status, etc… I’d be very interested in finding a way to build a calculator like this!


Thanks a lot for the wonderful suggestion, @Brandan_Lyons! I’ve already shared it with the devs as it would be really great to have a template like the one you described :slight_smile:

However, can you please provide a bit more details about the fields and options you envision for this calculator? If you have specific formulas in mind, sharing those would be incredibly helpful as well.

I’m sure this would help us understand the whole idea better and implement this template way faster :blush:


Hi @Helga

Please see my proposal as follows:

Website Tax Comparison and Subscription Savings Calculator:

Project Proposal

Project Summary:
The project entails the development of a dynamic and intuitive web-based calculator designed to determine the financial viability of reduced tax rates, subscription, and/or services rates for diverse customer groups. This tool will facilitate potential customers in assessing the net benefit of incurring an initial cost for a service or subscription against the long-term savings realized through discounted rates.

Technical Specification:

User Interface Components:

  1. Editable Field One (Total Expenditure Field):

• Input Type: Numeric
• Description: Users input their anticipated spending in currency value.
• Function: Captures the base amount for calculations.

  1. Editable Field Two (Frequency Selector):

• Input Type: Radio Buttons
• Options: Day, Week, Month, Year
• Function: Establishes the periodicity of purchases for annualizing savings.

  1. Editable Field Three (Rate and Tax Section):

• Normal Rate: Numeric Input
• Tax Rate: Slider Input / Numeric Input with Autocomplete for location-based tax rates
• Function: Determines the effective price considering the standard rate plus applicable taxes.

  1. Editable Field Four (Discount Rate Selector):

• Input Type: Slider / Predefined Buttons
• Description: Selection of discount rates or group classifications with associated discounts.
• Function: Allows users to apply discount percentages to the normal rate.
Backend Logic and Formulas:

Calculation of Total without Discount:

• Formula: Total = Expenditure * (1 + Tax Rate)
• Use Case: To compute the total expenditure including tax without any discounts applied.
• Calculation of Frequency-based Expenditure:

• Formula: Annual Expenditure = Frequency Value * Total
• Use Case: Annualizing the total based on the selected frequency of purchases.
• Calculation of Total with Discount:

• Formula: Discounted Total = Expenditure * (1 - Discount Rate) * (1 + Tax Rate)
• Use Case: To ascertain the total cost after applying the discount and including tax.
• Calculation of Savings:

• Formula: Savings = Annual Expenditure without Discount - Annual Expenditure with Discount
• Use Case: Demonstrates the net benefit or savings from subscription or discounts.
• Output Display and Conditional Formatting:

Comparison Table:


• Total amount with normal rate.
• Total amount with discounted rate.
• Total annual savings.

Features: Conditional formatting to highlight the savings advantage.
Use Case for Mass Appeal:

This calculator would be prominently positioned on e-commerce platforms offering subscription or one time services, like online medical exception services, media streaming, grocery delivery services, subscription boxes, etc. By inputting estimated spending amounts and frequency, users can instantly see the break-even point and long-term savings, persuasively guiding them towards making an informed decision on whether to subscribe.

Developer Considerations:
To ensure accuracy and user-friendliness, AJAX calls for real-time tax rate updates, responsive sliders, and visually appealing graphs for output display will be integrated. Furthermore, RESTful API endpoints could be set up for fetching subscription or service rates and discount values which could be periodically updated by site administrators. This is not necessarily due the initial concept.

The proposed Tax Comparisons and Subscription Savings Calculator is a sophisticated tool that will enhance user engagement and facilitate informed decision-making. Its development involves a harmonious blend of front-end interactivity and back-end logic, necessitating a meticulous approach to ensuring precision and user experience. This tool will be invaluable in reinforcing the value proposition of tax rates, subscriptions, and/or services, thereby increasing customer conversion and retention rates.

Use case example:

  1. Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis Tax Savings Calculator:

• Scenario Details:
A state resident is considering whether to maintain their medical cannabis card or purchase cannabis recreationally.
Recreational cannabis is subject to a 20% state tax and a 3% county excise tax.
Medical cannabis is subject to a 4% state tax and the same 3% county excise tax.
The annual fee for a medical cannabis card is $50.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Recreational Annual Cost: Purchase Amount × (1 + 20% State Tax + 3% County Tax)
• Medical Annual Cost: Purchase Amount × (1 + 4% State Tax + 3% County Tax) + Annual Card Fee
• Annual Savings: Recreational Annual Cost - Medical Annual Cost
• Let’s assume the individual spends $200 monthly on cannabis:
• Recreational Annual Cost: $200 × 12 × (1 + 20% + 3%) = $200 × 12 × 1.23 = $2,976
• Medical Annual Cost: $200 × 12 × (1 + 4% + 3%) + $50 = $200 × 12 × 1.07 + $50 = $2,574
• Annual Savings with Medical Card: $2,976 - $2,574 = $402

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for monthly purchase amount, state tax rates for recreational and medical cannabis, county tax rate, and medical card fee.
• Output displaying the annual cost and savings comparison between recreational and medical cannabis purchases, including the net benefit of maintaining a medical cannabis card.

  1. Veterans’ Property Tax Benefits Calculator:

• Scenario Details:
• A veteran is considering purchasing a home valued at $300,000.
• The standard property tax rate in their locality is 1.5% annually.
• Veterans are eligible for a 30% reduction in property tax rates.
• Membership in a veteran support organization that facilitates access to this tax benefit costs $150 annually.
• The calculator would evaluate the annual property tax with and without the veteran discount, subtract the cost of the support organization, and present the net savings.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Annual Tax: $300,000 * 1.5% = $4,500
• Discounted Veteran Tax: $300,000 * (1.5% - 30% of 1.5%) = $4,500 - $1,350 = $3,150
• Net Savings with Membership: $1,350 (savings) - $150 (membership fee) = $1,200

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for property value, tax rates, and membership fees.
• Output displaying both scenarios side-by-side, illustrating the cost-benefit analysis over a multi-year horizon, given that property taxes are a recurring annual cost.

  1. Educational Software Subscription for Students:

• Scenario Details:
• A student needs a specialized software package for their course, priced at $200.
• The software is subject to a 5% sales tax and an 8% educational technology tax.
• An annual subscription offers the software at a 25% discount and includes additional benefits.
• The subscription service costs $50 annually.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Annual Cost: $200 + ($200 × 5%) + ($200 × 8%) = $226
• Subscription Annual Cost: $150 + ($150 × 5%) + ($150 × 8%) + $50 = $212
• Net Savings with Subscription: $226 - $212 = $14

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for software cost, sales tax rate, technology tax rate, subscription discount, and fee.
• Output displaying the cost comparison and annual savings with subscription.

  1. Veterans’ Membership for Home Improvement Supplies:

• Scenario Details:
• A veteran spends $1,000 annually at a home improvement store.
• The standard sales tax rate is 6%.
• Veteran membership offers a 10% discount on purchases and costs $20 annually.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Annual Cost: $1,000 × (1 + 6%) = $1,060
• Discounted Annual Cost: $900 × (1 + 6%) + $20 = $974
• Net Savings with Membership: $1,060 - $974 = $86

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for annual expenditure, sales tax rate, membership discount, and fee.
• Output showing the cost comparison and annual savings with membership.

  1. Senior Citizens’ Discount on Pharmaceutical Services:

• Scenario Details:
• A senior citizen spends $100 monthly on medication.
• Medications are subject to a 2% sales tax and a 1% pharmaceutical tax.
• A pharmaceutical subscription service offers a 15% discount on medications for a $30 annual fee.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Annual Cost: ($100 × (1 + 2% + 1%)) × 12 = $1,236
• Discounted Annual Cost: ($85 × (1 + 2% + 1%)) × 12 + $30 = $1,049.40
• Net Savings with Subscription: $1,236 - $1,049.40 = $186.60

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for monthly medication cost, sales tax rate, pharmaceutical tax rate, subscription discount, and fee.
• Output displaying the cost comparison and annual savings with the subscription service.

  1. Low-Income Housing Energy Efficiency Programs:

• Scenario Details:
• A low-income household plans to purchase a $500 energy-efficient appliance.
• The standard sales tax rate is 7%, but the program offers a reduced rate of 3%.
• The program also provides a $50 rebate and charges a $25 annual fee.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Appliance Cost: $500 + ($500 × 7%) = $535
• Discounted Appliance Cost: $500 + ($500 × 3%) - $50 + $25 = $490
• Net Savings with Program: $535 - $490 = $45

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for appliance cost, standard and reduced tax rates, rebate amount, and program fee.
• Output showing net savings when purchasing through the energy efficiency program.

  1. Disability-Related Vehicle Modification Services:

• Scenario Details:
• A disabled individual requires vehicle modifications costing $2,000.
• The modifications are subject to a 5% sales tax rate, but the service offers a tax exemption.
• The service fee for the exemption is $100.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Modification Cost: $2,000 + ($2,000 × 5%) = $2,100
• Discounted Modification Cost: $2,000 + $100 = $2,100 (tax-exempt)
• Net Savings with Service: $2,100 - $2,100 = $0 (The service fee negates the tax savings)

• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for modification cost, sales tax rate, and service fee.
• Output showing a comparison of costs with and without the tax exemption service.

  1. Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits:

• Scenario Details:
• An individual pays a monthly health insurance premium of $300.
• They are eligible for a tax credit of $100 per month.
• Health insurance is not subject to sales tax but has an applicable insurance premium tax rate of 2%.

• Mathematical Formulation:
• Standard Monthly Premium: $300 + ($300 × 2%) = $306
• Premium with Tax Credit: ($300 - $100) + (($300 - $100) × 2%) = $204
• Annual Savings with Tax Credit: ($306 - $204) × 12 = $1,224
• Calculator Functionality:
• Inputs for monthly premium, tax credit amount, and insurance premium tax rate.
• Output showing the monthly and annual cost comparison, displaying savings with tax credit.

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Awesome, a huge thanks from the whole team, @Brandan_Lyons!

We’ll make sure to look into this and figure out the best template (or maybe even several, who knows!) based on your description :slight_smile:

Thank you once again!

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Is it possible to add taxes and insurance to this calculator?

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Hi @Norge_Borio and welcome aboard :wave:

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? I’ll gladly check if it’s possible to implement your use case with our app :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is such a good widget because when you compare to others that are on the market they can cost a BUNCH! Thank you ES for being mindful of what the market needs!


@Nathan_Bukenya We’re soooo happy to hear that you’re loving our Calculator widget, thanks a lot! :heart_eyes:

It would be cool to know the way you customized your widget, so feel free to share with us here :slight_smile:

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Hello Helga, :wave::hugs: sorry that I have so little time for this helpful community, my customers include real estate and insurance brokers who are just waiting for it.
As soon as I have used it I will be happy to tell you about it or create a post here. Have a nice weekend. Best regards