Calculator performance issue

We absolutely love this for calculating our hourly childcare for members! I’m running into a performance issue though. It lags slightly now and if I add any more calculations, it grinds to a halt. Is there just some limit to have many calculations it can do? Estimate my Hours — The Nest Family Center

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Greetings @Ryan_Getchell and welcome aboard :wave:

We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy using our Calculator app! Thanks a million for your awesome feedback :heart:

As for the performance issue, I’ve passed this info to our dev team. I’ll get back to you once I receive a response from them :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there @Ryan_Getchell :wave:

Thank you for waiting!

Happy to tell you that the issue is finally fixed and everything should be fine now. Could you please check your widget and let me know how it works?

Ahhhh you guys are fast! I had 2 tickets in and now both are fixed. Everything is working super smoothly. Thank you again, this widget is perfect for our members trying to figure out their costs!!!


Amazing! A huge thank you for your kind feedback :heart:

In the meantime, we would highly appreciate it if you could look through the Calculator category in the Wishlist.

And feel free to share your ideas too - we’ll gladly discuss them with you :wink:

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Will do, just submitted one :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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