More flexible event repeat options

As this was critical to how we run our business, we have now subscribed to another app instead, I preferred your app but needed the functionality. Maybe we can swap back if you add the feature where we can do alternating events. If not, no worries.

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@user2999 I totally understand your reasons, and I’m so very sorry that we haven’t rolled out this feature yet :frowning:

I know that the devs are on the verge of releasing it, and I believe I’ll share great news very soon :pray:t2:

Any update on when this feature will be released?

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@LifeBridge we’re really sorry that we haven’t met the deadline, but we’re doing everything possible to release this option next week :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest and welcome to the Elfsight community!

I operate 25 weekly events, which is awesome… UNTIL one of them cancels for a single week. I can’t simply cancel that one specific event in your system, I have to cancel the whole thing and create a new event to begin the next week.

Also, some of our events have gone to twice monthly. The 1st and 3 Fridays, the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, etc. To do this with your calendar is impossible OTHER THAN creating 24 individual events to cover the coming year.

PLEASE! We need more flexibility.

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Totally understand you, @John_Mixon, thank you for sharing your use case and thoughts!

I’m happy to say that this is the functionality our devs are working now, and we expect to have it released any day soon, I’ll keep you updated here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and welcome to the Elfsight community! :tada:

Dear friends, I’m ecstatic to finally close this request! :tada: :clap:t2:

You now have a much more flexible set of options for your repeated events!

Feel free to check it out on your widget’s Content tab → choose the event → Repeat → Custom:

Make sure to test it out and leave your feedback, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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Thank you!!!

@Helga - This is great to see !!! Just a quick question – Does the calendar show events beyond 30 days now too (and if so, is there a limit)?

One last thing - is there way to “delete” an event in a series. For example, we have office hours every week on a certain day, but sometimes it gets canceled, is there a way to take out one instance?


Agreed, sometimes venues and dates change

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@Matthew7 @user2776 my apologies for such a long reply!

I’m happy that you love the update, I really hope it will help you in your projects! :slight_smile:

As for your questions, I’m afraid we’re still working on extending the period for the repeated events, you can vote and subscribe for this request here: Allow repeated events display beyond a month

I’m afraid there is no option to delete a separate event in a series either, but we also have such a request, feel free to vote for it: Set exceptions to the repetition

Thanks a lot for your comments and support, we’ll keep working on delivering new cool features!

Adding a little more detail here from what I added last time: It would be great if the event widget would allow us to edit an event in a series - sometimes, venue and times change. for example if June 17 is fine but there’s no session the following week, but it resumes on the 31.

Also, the custom feature isn’t allowing me to set an event for say Mon-Fri on a specific week. It appears when you first make an event but as soon as you click “custom”, it disappears from the calendar and when you set an end date, it doesn’t actually appear on the calendar.


Hello @user2776 :wave:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no option to set exception for the repetitions. I am really sorry about it :pensive:

You can vote for this feature to keep on top of all the updates.

As for the custom feature issue, I’ve checked your widget and it seems to be working fine now.

If the issue still persists on your side, could you please send me a screenshot or a video screencast of the issue, it would be tremendously helpful!

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