Set exceptions to the repetition

An option to set some exceptions to the reoccurring events (like holidays or special days).


Yeah it would be helpful to be able to select instances within a recurring series that aren’t happening so people don’t show up since it’s on the calendar now.


Hi @user2776 :wave:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

I totally agree that this feature would be super helpful. We’ll definitely keep it in mind for future updates and improvements.

Thanks again!

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This is quite important for a calendar which has repeat events, especially with the new and improved repeat options on the recent calendar update.

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@user282 Hey there and welcome aboard :wave:

That’s spot on, and I couldn’t agree more. We’ll keep tabs on the status of this feature to update you on the progress.

Thanks a million for sharing your feedback with us :heart:

With each release of a new feature, it’s really great to get these functionalities, but it does feel like a feature gets shipped without all the necessary qualities. Repeating events is a core feature, but more often than not there will be exceptions (holiday breaks, cancellations, etc.) - There is then no place to make these announcements because the event appears on the calendar.

The best current fix is to make a repeating event UNTIL the date you know it won’t happen again, then create another date after that that continues the process.

There isn’t really a “best way” to do that for a cancellation, though, except alter the original event and then do what I just described.

It’s less work than the workaround before (duplicating the event for every occurrence), but all of my current repeating events has exceptions. I get this is a lot harder to toggle in the settings but would be very helpful to have.


@Matthew7 I totally understand your point, thank you very much for sharing!

This is a really important note that nothing is stable, so we cannot escape changes which we have to be able to deal with.

I’ve let our devs know about this issue, and I really hope they will take it under consideration. I’ll keep posted on the progress here.

Thank you for helping us, it’s much appreciated!

Yes, the repeat option was wonderful to see finally added. But we’ve already gotten people emailing us asking why there’s an event on a day where we said we’ll be closed. I can do as Matthew suggested and just set the event as “date - date” and then resume the repeat after the closure date has passed, but it would really be helpful to set exceptions to repeat events.

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@user2776 many thanks for sharing your use case and for your comment!

Yeah, this is really great food for thought for our devs, I believe they will keep this request in mind when working on the next update :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and support!

*The Event Calendar application has greatly improved with the incorporation of the event day and the possibility of Repeat with more time, however it does not meet all expectations, for example being able to enter a calculation formula with respect to another celebration or event such as the lunar calendar. Let me explain, in Spain, there are the Holy Week and Carnival festivities that have to do, for example, with the fact that Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of spring, there are days left to get the Carnival celebration and Add up for the Ascension. I do not know if I have explained myself, for the countries in which the Christian religion is the majority, it is important. Thank you

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I totally got your point, @Arturo, many thanks for sharing your idea!

It seems that the widget is really lacking an option to set exceptions to the repetition, and I do hope or devs will pay a special attention to this request. I’ll keep you updated here in case of any progress or status changes :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping us, it does mean a lot!

Would love to see this as an option to hide events on a certain day or be able to delete singular events in a series on days we are closed.

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Hey @Lowcountry_Presbyter :wave:

We absolutely agree that this feature would make a difference and we’ll try to consider this functionality in our future updates.

We’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your feedback with us and welcome to Community :heart:

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Hi Max,

We have several events here at the church that repeat. Some are weekly, some are monthly, etc.

The problem I have is that sometimes a location may change for one meeting, or just one event in the series might get cancelled. The only way I see to currently fix such issues is to end the repeat, add the corrected information as a new event, and then start it back up again. It would be helpful to go to a certain event date on the calendar and change just that information only. It is a feature you are able to do in Outlook.

Hopefully that better explains what I am asking.

Thank you,

Christy James

Church Administrator

Lowcountry Presbyterian Church


Got you!

I cannot but agree that this option would be really helpful! We’ll aim to include this idea into our future enhancements.

Thanks a bunch for your feedback. It’s highly appreciated :heart:

Thank you!

Christy James

Church Administrator

Lowcountry Presbyterian Church


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I agree this would be very helpful! Perhaps within the recurring settings, in the custom recurring, there could be a sort of date picker view that shows the recurring schedule as it’s currently defined, and you can UNCHECK a specific date from this view to make an exception?

Another exception to a recurring event I’d really like to see is a host change. Sometimes a host/instructor is sick and there is a substitute for one event.

Maybe a singular occurrence of a recurring event can be marked “update this event only” and anything about it can be changed without effecting the rest of the occurrences. I think this would be paired with the ability to edit an event by clicking on it from the calendar instead of having the scroll in the list of events in the sidebar to find it.

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Hey there @Kyle_Lasky :wave:

Your suggestions sound reasonable, thanks for pointing us in this direction!

Hope the devs will find a solution, and I’ll make sure to update you here once I have any news :slightly_smiling_face:

@Max - I was just wondering do you have a feature roadmap for the calendar. This exceptions request has been hanging around since October 2022, and where it seems like a core functionality of any repeating calendar, there has been no update. I know there are a lot of competing priorities, but it would be nice to know if this feature is even on the roadmap and if it is, is it 2-3 months from consideration or another year. This helps consumers make decisions about the product and whether or not it is suiting the current needs.

I came back to ask the same thing! Trying to help a client find the right tool, and Elfsight does so many things better than others, but this is a HUGE shortcoming and unfortunately will mean they need to use a different tool if this isn’t an update I can tell them will be coming soon.