How to dynamically change the Event Calendar layout

The default settings of the Event Calendar widget allows you to choose only one layout, but now you can use a single widget in multiple layouts all at once.

Why you may need this feature?

This is useful when you want to use one widget in various layouts on different webpages. For example, you can display the List layout on an “Events” page and the Grid layout on your main page.

How to use the widget in different layouts

We’ve got it covered in our new article! Check it out:

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Is it possible to show for example 4 items on a homepage and the complete calendar on a differtent page with the same widget? I don’t want the whole list/grid on my homepage.


Good question @user520

This feature allows you to change only layout for the same widget on different pages. Unfortunately, there is no option to apply different settings for different layouts within one widget.

Please let me know if this explains things or if any further questions come up :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a pitty! Then I have to enter everything twice every time there is a new event. Is it a possible feature in the future?


To be honest, this functionality is complicated and the chances for its release are quite low. However, we’ve added this idea to our Wishlist. We’ll be posting here in case of any news - Choose diferrent settings for dynamic layouts feature